Fasting Increased Focus and Self-Control

Fasting Testimony By Leslie

"My skin was radiant, when I met with the women on Monday night and they commented on how good I looked, I gave praise to the healing that the Lord brought to me."

The call to fasting was for the purpose of cleansing, detoxification, and overcoming bad habits so I could get my life in sync with God’s will. I prepared by paying attention to my diet a few days prior, my last meal before the fast was soup and the day before that I ate only light meals. I began a 72 hour fast at sundown on a Friday, which included much prayer. I spent the three days of my fast helping serve at a women's retreat in our church. As my heart was not entirely set on abstaining from food for three days, all the while on my feet serving others, I prayed for a focus on humility and obedience. My prayers were answered and I reaped unexpected gifts in spirit and in body. I was better able to listen to the Lord who had some hard lessons to teach me.

And at the end of the 72 hours, I had lost a lot of excess water weight and some fat, totaling six pounds of weight! My skin was radiant, when I met with the women on Monday night and they commented on how good I looked, I gave praise to the healing that the Lord brought to me.

Even though I had been assisting in the church retreat during my fast, it was easy for me to maintain a constant communion with God. In that way, the fast was very powerful, rewarding, and even enjoyable! I desired food only on the second day, at least 36 hours into the fast. It was a passing hunger but afterward I had sharp headache to the right of my frontal lobe. I recall bowing my head and affirming my will to His, and praying for relief from my headache. It passed after a few moments. When I stood and waited on others surrounded by tasty food, my thoughts were on the Lord, and so I could feel Him strengthening my resolve to be steadfast in my commitment to Him, and sustaining me throughout the fast. On the third day, I felt chills. The air conditioning bothered me. Even though I was among a large group I quietly humbled myself, knowing that the Lord was there with me, providing all my needs. It was only through prayer and communion with God that I was able to sustain the fast.

I noticed particularly in the weeks after the fast, I am less inclined to snack, even when away from home and feeling hunger. I now choose to wait until I get home, and eat wholesome foods, instead of grabbing ready-made foods on the road that compromise my health. I am also more aware of the benefits of rest, and am able to make better choices about what to consume just before bed and upon waking in the mornings. I am comforted in knowing that the Lord wishes for me to make more healthful food choices, and practice better dietary customs and habits.

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