Healed of Bowel Disease During a 30 Day Juice Fast

Fasting Testimony By James Doyle

“I had been diagnosed with Diverticulitis, and had been told that unless I was willing to make some drastic changes that I would need to have part of my large intestine removed.” 

I live in Memphis, TN, and I'm 35 years old. I came across the book Fasting To Freedom while doing research on the internet after my doctor had told me that I needed to go on a five day liquid diet. I had been diagnosed with Diverticulitis, and had been told that unless I was willing to make some drastic changes that I would need to have part of my large intestine removed. 

My doctor's idea of a liquid diet included soups, milk shakes, etc, as long as it was nothing solid. I was scared and ready to do anything that I could to reverse my problem. After reading Fasting to Freedom in one sitting, I decided that a juice fast was my best chance of healing from this disease. 

The next day, I bought a juicer and about $100.00 worth of produce. I'm not a fruit and vegetable kind of guy, so this wasn't exactly appealing. However, I was determined to follow everything as closely as possible, the way it was outlined in the book. The first three days were a living hell. I have always had chronic sinus problems and was also a caffeine addict. I quit taking my daily sinus/allergy medication when I started the fast in favor of the nutritional value in the produce. 

The first three days of the fast were filled with intense headaches and extreme irritability. I started on a Friday, so I was only at work for the first of the three days. This turned out to be a good thing because if I was at work for those later two days of detox I think I might have snatched up various employees by the throat.

On day four the headaches and irritability subsided. And then on day 6 I was met with incredible energy, extreme focus, and a complete lack of fear. This was so inspiring that I continued the fast even though I had intended to stop at five days. This energy continued until about day 15 at which time the reality of my own "internal bankruptcy" as Ron says in his book, came into focus. I started to develop a relationship with God that had formerly been on hold. 

At the end of the 30 day fast I was healed of my Diverticulitus, 30 pounds lighter, and had developed a deep "real" relationship with God. I had gained victory on several strongholds that I had formerly decided I would just have to live with for the rest of my life. It transformed me in every way. 

Fasting to Freedom was an incredible tool and inspiration. Fasting is such a powerful tool that I have decided to "live a fasted lifestyle." 

Ron Lagerquist

It would almost seem like being diagnosed with Diverticulitus was the best thing that ever happened to James. This was a life changing moment. Yet, I’m sure James would say, don’t wait until you’re in a doctor’s office to decide to make tuff changes. Thanks James for sharing your courage.

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I'm experiencing severe diverticulosis pain and looking for ideas on what to do. The pain is so intense!
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