7 Day Juice Fasting Testimony

A New Season…By Maria Cannell

Starting Up…February was rapidly approaching and my goal was to spend more time with Jesus. While most folks would be indulging in chocolates and dinner while out with their significant other this Valentines month, I made a decision to juice fast. I intended to start at the beginning of February. My goal was a 7 day fast incorporating the information I had acquired through FreedomYou. Unfortunately I had an injury to my right arm at work and my plans had taken a nose dive. The first few weeks of February I spent time dealing with hospitals, x-rays, doctors, physio, and trying to manage my life with just the use of my left arm.

Didn’t Give Up… One of my issues was getting my JE98XL Breville Juicer out of the box. I was beginning to wonder if my juice fast would ever get started. It was now heading toward mid-February I was determined to start my 7 day fast. Using my two feet to hold the box to the floor and my left arm to pull the juicer up and out, I managed to unwrap and get the juicer onto the kitchen counter. I then connected with Ron Lagerquist to get a few helpful starter hints. On Sunday the 22nd I finally began my first juicing experience.
Energy Up…The week proved to be an interesting adventure. I can honestly say that I did not crave my usual carbs and sweets. For example breads, cookies, chocolate, fast food, etc... I found myself full of energy regardless of my busy days and looking forward to the different favours of delicious natural juices. When Ron writes in his books about succulent cantaloupe and tropical paradise pineapple juice, he is not just sweet-talking, they’re delightful. Try it, you’ll like it. Very refreshing! 

Cleaning Up…I found the clean up to be very quick and easy. No pots, no pans, no dish wash hands. Just a quick rinse and voila…ready to go again. All was good, with a few minor exceptions…like the 2 feet of snow to get to the outdoor compost to dump the scraps…and the day when I didn’t put the juicer top on correctly. This caused the juice to splash out all over my shirt just before I had to go work…and then there was the day I offered my financial advisor a glass of veggie beet juice. I accidently spilt the juice all over my floor, his overcoat and his briefcase. You should have seen the look on his face. It was priceless! I can’t believe that happened. (And we know that all things work together for good) Having said all that, he did manage to drink the glass of juice. His comment was, “It’s not pop, but I’ll drink it because it’s good for me and I didn’t have any breakfast”. He was still interested in finding out more information regarding FreedomYou and juicing, even though his first experience was wearing it. Too funny!

Waking Up…During the fast I spent time with the Lord first thing when I woke up. I then prepared my juices for the day. I was in an attitude of prayer daily even though I had appointments every morning and worked every afternoon. (Come to Me all you who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest) At night when I got home I would devote a little more time to the Lord before I fell off to sleep.
Colleagues Acting up…Generally when I fast I will find a quiet spot to be alone on my breaks. This time I felt lead to stay in the lunch room. Many questions were being asked regarding my juice fasting. I work in a factory for the auto industry, so you can imagine the many jokes and comments that were being made regarding my juicing.(A merry heart does good like medicine) Somehow my words got twisted and turned into a whole new meaning. One of my colleagues said to me that I was starving myself. She also mentioned to another colleague that she was very concerned about me and what I was doing. Even though she may have not agreed with my actions, the only comment made back from the other colleague was that I looked healthy. And I did look and feel healthy, vibrant and alert all week. 

Power Up…On the more spiritual side of things, I believe the Lord used this fast as a way to encourage me thru a number of different avenues. #1…Through His Word I received Psalms 56, which so relates to some of my experiences that I have been dealing with this past year. #2…While attending my physio sessions I was meeting new people. Folks with positive attitudes encouraging and helping me to get my arm back into working order; along with others who were injured and needed someone to listen to their stories and be ministered too. (It is more blessed to give than to receive) I believe when you’re feeling down about your life you should go help others and you will feel better. There is always someone worse off than you. #3…Receiving a vision while breaking down cardboard a work with a colleague. I may not totally understand the vision as of yet, but I will wait upon the Lord for clarification.

I hope that this testimony will help and encourage you to press in and just do it!
(“My grace is sufficient for you for My strength is made perfect in weakness.”)

Thank you Ron for all your help and thank you Jesus! Blessings...Amen!

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What an awesome testimony. I am very encouraged. Thank you so much for sharing.
Thanks. Always good to hear the success stories. Fasting is a difficult discipline. The flesh is not as keen as the spirit. I'm encouraged by your by your testimony.
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