A Cashless Society

By: Ron Lagerquist

“If you have given yourself to Christ, you are of a different Kingdom.”

A Cashless Society It is no secret that we are moving toward a cashless society. The US army has begun to use Microchip Technology in their military. A small microchip is inserted under the skin of the back of the hand, leaving no scar to reveal its presence. This technology was used in Desert Storm. Within this tiny chip contains name, rank, serial number, date and place of birth, and social security number. It is also able to be used as a location device and for security clearance purposes. This eliminates the need for dog tags which can place a soldier in danger if captured by the enemy. Up until now, Microchip Technology has had limited civilian use in the identification and location of pets and babies. What John envisioned 2000 years ago has become a sensible and viable alternative for an ever–growing need for secure informational transactions.

The more money you have, the less cash you handle. It would be preposterous to think of Donald Trump buying a hotel with cash. Large amounts of cash are moved through electronic banking systems. Credit cards, another form of electronic money, are one of the most commonly used devices today. Although cash is still more convenient for buying a chocolate bar or a bag of carrots, it has a big disadvantage when it comes to large purchases. The first is that it can be stolen. There is no identifying factor that it is your money therefore making it a target for thieves. Secondly, it can be counterfeited. The more high-tech printing that is available to the masses the greater the risk of counterfeiting. Thirdly, and most importantly, cash cannot be regulated by the government. Cash can be passed back and forth under the table to elude the taxman. Cash can be used in buying illicit drugs and in financing the underworld. The government can do little about this because cash does not identify its owner. The problems of using paper money are strong arguments for a cashless society.

A cashless society would virtually eliminate the underworld. Every dollar would be accounted for by the government, hence taxed. The honest taxpayer would applaud such a move because he has been paying more than his share to cover for what the government has lost with the tax evader. Yet, the biggest selling point of the cashless society is convenience. Mankind will sacrifice a great deal for the sake of convenience. The staircase may be healthier to use but the elevator is more convenient. There may be more risk in a cashless society for government control but it is far more convenient. Think of owning just one card and being able to do all your business transactions with it. Every line of credit you have will be on that card. Your employer will directly deposit your weekly paycheck into that account. Your mortgage and electrical bill will be automatically withdrawn. You will never have to worry about a late payment and the price of goods and services will go down because they will not have to be concerned about collecting money in arrears.

 Let us take this whole scenario one step further. There is a lot of research and money going into microchip implants. Why? Because there is high demand for a system that is quick, secure and effective. In any technology, there is always a race to find a product that is also simple, convenient and cheap. But no technology exists in a vacuum; it is a response to a recognized need. Thieves are no longer a group of men riding horses with scarves covering their mouths. Our modern day outlaws operate on the cutting edge of technology. It is a real job for the police force to keep one step ahead. Credit cards can be stolen or forged. This is why there is such an interest in identification devices such as microchip implants. The problem is that they are very expensive, fairly slow, and awkward to use. Who wants to walk up to a bank teller to have an ultraviolet light shone into his eye to have his retina identified?

Let us go back to the cattle ranchers for a moment. We can exchange their horses for jeeps, their cowboy hats for helmets, and their branding irons for "Acme Electronic Chip Inserters". This may sound like something out of a science fiction movie, but microchip implant technology is already being used today. A homing device put into the ear or under the skin of your dog or cat will help the Humane Society identify and locate your lost pet. The chip will transmit relevant information such as vaccination shots, age, name, and owner. They will soon be using microchips as locating devices for young children. Just think how comforting it would be to a mother, especially in our day and age, knowing that her child is just one beep away. It would also thwart the would-be child molester or kidnapper, making them think twice before abducting a child. 

In Revelation, Satan has set up a world society in which every man, woman and child will have a number registered by a world government. No one will be able to buy or sell unless he is registered. The number must be permanently impregnated onto the body. If Satan were to try doing this today, it would not go over very well, but our societies thinking is rapidly changing. What would be unacceptable yesterday has become common place today.

If you have given yourself to Christ, you are of a different Kingdom. You have been bought with a price. Do not allow anything to be implanted into or on your body no matter how convenient or how socially acceptable it may become. Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. If you believe in the Bible, then you will see in God’s Word it is clear that Satan is moving to control the entire World. He is moving toward that end even as you are reading this. Jesus is calling us to be on our guard, eyes wide open, spiritually discerning. Following Christ means taking a stand. Being “in this World and not of this World”, willing to be ridiculed because of and for Christ.

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Perfectly written!!!
Wow, a lot to think about here. Just this week I had decided to close my credit facilities. I have them very much under controll, but have started to feel ill at ease lately about credit in general. As I don't have much in the way of debt (except the mortgage) I have a real feeling about getting rid of any thing that "ties" me. So it's back to cash or go without for me, Great articles, thanks Kerry
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