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By: Ron Lagerquist

Healthy RecipesThe determining factor of how we created our Freedomyou recipes was very simple—how the food interacts with your body, as opposed to what it looks like in a test tube. Here’s an example. Milk has been crowned as the most perfect food. After all, it is full of calcium, protein, and 15 essential minerals and vitamins. Under a microscope, milk appears to be a perfect food. Yet your body will disagree by producing large amounts of mucus, depositing inorganic calcium in the joints, clogging your veins and arteries with hard, sticky fat and cholesterol, and may even cause food allergies and digestive disorders. Many do not have the enzymes to properly digest the milk sugar lactose, or the milk protein, casein.

Therefore the nutritional value of food ought to be determined by the body's reaction to food, not a test tube. Is it digestible and easily assimilated by the cells? Does it create irritation, causing the body to form mucus? Are there harmful side effects that outweigh its value to the body?

Here are the four criteria’s for all of the recipes found here on Freedomyou:

  • The degree of mucus formation caused by the food.
  • How easy is it assimilated into the cells of the body?
  • How close is the food to its natural unprocessed state?
  • Does it taste good?

Non Mucus-Forming

Diets consisting of cooked processed foods force the production of excessive amounts of mucus as a form of protection. Because of the Modern Diet, we are swimming in a mucus fog causing a sluggish, tired mental state that demands a shot of coffee to kick start the body in the morning. With a mucusless diet, the intercellular fluid around the cells will be free of mucus, resulting in better memory and clear, sharp thinking. Instead of waking up in the morning, feeling worse than when you went to bed, you will spring out of bed, sleepy-dirt free, enthusiastically prepared to pounce on a new day's challenge. Eating more naturally will result in the intensifying of the five senses. You will breathe more easily and be far less susceptible to colds and flues. Antibodies from the immune system will not be forced to battle their way through thick, sticky mucus in the blood. Antibodies will be free to travel quickly and efficiently to the areas of need, resulting in a powerful resistance against sickness and disease.

Easily Assimilated

"The brain actually shrinks on the all-cooked and over-refined diet." Dr. Edward Howell

The most easily digested food is fruit. This is a result of millions of tiny enzymes living in your cantaloupe. Enzymes are a mystery to modern-day science. They are so difficult to describe, scientists must resort to highly technical terms such as biological force, life energy, life principle, vital force, nerve energy, and life force.

One thing they have discovered is that enzymes are essential to our health. They assist in digestion and are a part of every chemical process in the body, from building muscles to producing red blood cells. Fruit can be completely digested without help from the body, whereas, a piece of medium-rare sirloin steak requires over 30% of the energy supplied to the body for its digestion.

Russian scientist, Valentina Kirlian, developed a form of electrophotography that showed radiating luminescence around living organisms. These fields were observed fluctuating according to the intensity of metabolic activity taking place. When processed or cooked food is photographed with Kirlian photography, there is no luminescence. When live food is photographed, a colorful aura emanates from it. Ginseng displays some of the brightest luminescence and is famous for its healing and rejuvenating properties.

There is a price to be paid when the majority of our diet consists of dead, lifeless food. Dead food does not give up its nutrients easily. It demands the body to produce strong acids and enzymes. The majority of our diet should consist of raw, living food.

If you eat a balance of 80% raw and 20% cooked food, you have achieved a healthy diet. Some have gone to a 100% raw-food diet. This strange breed are called Rawetarians. It is a discipline but the benefits far outweigh the cost of giving up cooked foods. Rawetarians experience phenomenal health and vitality. The closer you move to a diet of raw foods, the healthier you will become. It is that simple!

Natural Unprocessed

The only connection that our children have ever had with vegetables was behind a cellophane wrapper in the grocery store. My wife and I decided to show the girls where food really came from. We were going vegetable picking on a farm 10 miles from the outskirts of town.

As the houses melted away, the girls’ expectations began to rise. At the farm, we were greeted by a friendly face of an older woman, weathered from years of toiling. Oblivious to her dirty finger nails and worn, practical clothing, she invited us onto her land, arming us with a rusty shovel and old bushel baskets. Amanda and Joy looked in amazement at the huge baskets, wondering how we could possibly fill them. After receiving directions, we drove our car through the patchwork field, on a quest for beets. Being later in the fall, the beets had grown huge and fat. We made it a game of who could find the largest beet, shouting to one another, I found the biggest one! It took us some time to realize that they were everywhere in overwhelming size and abundance.

Surrounded by bounty, the warm sun above and the fresh smells of open fields and forests brought on a deep sense of the presence of God. The children felt Him. Quietness seemed to fall as we soaked up an ancient connection to Creator, earth and soil. Everything was alive. The crickets chatted in a language only they could understand. Birds cheerfully singing. All too quickly the basket was filled with plump beets. We loaded the car with hundreds of pounds of beets, carrots, green and red peppers, lima beans, plump tomatoes, zucchinis, cabbage and many varieties of foods that would be enjoyed for the months to come.

Driving home, we could see that this experience had impacted the girls. That evening, sitting down to a table of fresh tomatoes, beets and corn on the cob, blessing took on a richer thankfulness. Thankfulness that would have been lost on a box of Kraft Dinner.

Every time we went to the supermarket, the girls would never forget from Whom food comes.

We are certainly well-versed on how damaging food can become when processed or cooked. There will be no harmful, processed sugar, transformed fatty acids, dairy products, processed food, preservatives and additives, food coloring or eggs present in our recipes. We will include high-quality recipes that involve cooking, although we encourage you to eat a high percentage of raw food.

These three standards will determine the order which our recipes will be laid out—from best to good.

Healthy eating will result in a lean, youthful body. And you will be able to eat to your heart's content. This will be the last calorie comparison chart you should ever have to read! The calorie comparison chart is a great example of how processed food is high in empty calories. You can see why people who eat from the left side of the chart have difficulty maintaining a normal weight. Whereas, raw fruits and vegetables are filling, and packed with nutrition, soluble and insoluble fiber, and low in calories.


Who wants to live in the kitchen? An argument we hear against people eating healthier is that they don't have time. Reaching into the fridge, pulling out a fruit, rinsing it under the tap, and eating it for breakfast, redefines the term, fast food.

We are going to keep the recipes as simple as possible. You will have to educate yourself in some new foods, natural sweeteners, unprocessed oils, whole grain pastas, etc., but it will be well worth your time.

Eating fruits and vegetables in season is inexpensive. If they are grown locally, they will be picked ripe, resulting in a higher-quality taste and nutrition. It is only recently that we have been able to eat such a huge variety of different foods, shipped in from all over the world. This variety is totally unnecessary for health. There should be no fear in eating a simple diet of foods that are on sale at your local supermarket.

Our recipes are going to be fun, healthy, creative, delicious, colorful, unique, simple but not without a challenge. Let's be creative! God is creative. The worst thing we can do is to become dogmatic in creating our culinary delights. Everyone has different tastes, that is what makes the world so diverse.

One of the most exciting things about traveling around the world is experiencing the wonderful varieties of food that have developed from their culture. You can tell a lot about a culture by looking at how people eat. Our recipes are going to be a symphony of cultures, foods and flavors from around the world. We are going to equip you with the raw materials and information to help you become a kitchen inventor.

Have fun and experiment. You never know, you may come up with a new, world-famous dish. The creations that you can make with healthy food are only limited to your imagination! If you come up with something exciting, please write us so that we can share it with the world.

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I agree with you on the milk. Ingesting excrement of animals is just not very healthy....its pretty nasty as milk does contain mucus and pus. Another great article!
I liked the way you explained the dairy issue.
Chris Smith
Kara, if you want more research done on milk, just read 'The China Study' by Colin T Campbell - the most comprehensive nutritional research ever done
I mostly love what you have done here. I don't think you gave milk a fair view though. Most milk is very processed and just what you said. However what if you were to study milk from a cow that was healthy and grass fed. A cow not full of antibiotics and growth harmones. Milk that was not cooked to death (a.k.a pasturized) and not homogonized. The later actually changes the chains of fat molecules to a very unnatural state that our bodies cannot deal with. If you have wholesome RAW milk it has all the enzymes needed for people to digest it. Switching from processed milk to natural unprocessed milk has made a huge difference for me and I would love to see more research in this area. I also think that there is a place for cooking especially if you look at winter crops, but agree we need to eat a lot of fresh raw produce.
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