Spiritual Side Of Addiction

By: Ron Lagerquist

“Cravings are a bent form of hunger. The body hungering for something that is poisonous, and like puppets in a play, we dance to its deadly song.”

How does Satan gain control? By creating and fulfilling needcreating dependency, and providing the sole source of fulfillment. Alcohol, sex, heroin, caffeine, nicotine, even junk food are prime examples of his destructive tools of control.

The list is endless, pornography, sleeping pills, fantasy books, late night infomercials, diets, internet, dating chat lines, even the cable shopping channel. There are therapists who specialize in helping lonely souls overcome shopping channel addiction. People will sit up day and night watching this stuff. It becomes their closest friend, sometimes their only companion.

Any form of stimulation, whether drugs, alcohol, porn Internet or a roller coaster ride, falsely heightens sensory awareness through an increase of adrenaline in the blood stream. Heart rate increases, the body tingles, palms sweat, emotions soar and imagination runs wild. This state is always temporary and results in a stimulation deficit causing a feeling of restless emptiness.

Sex was created by God. It is given to the husband and wife as a wedding gift to enjoy physical and spiritual union. Between a married couple it is the dance of love. A sweet incense pleasing to God. In marriage, it is one of the most holy acts our flesh can engage in. But Satan has twisted sex into a powerful destructive lever—a tool of control.

Respected Christian leaders have been caught with their pants down for all the world to see. Broken men with broken dreams, teaching God, living in sin. Satan laughs as the world asks, is nothing sacred? Who can we trust? Christian ministers, husbands, wives, teachers, politicians, rock stars, and teenagers have come crashing to the ground because of sex. It is a powerful tool because it has been created by a powerful God.

In the same way, food in its twisted state, has the power to control. Sugar, salt, and fat–laced foods are physically and emotionally addictive. The average North American Diet is clear evidence of Satan's agenda. Healthy, nutrient–rich foods, twisted into addictive tools of control.

Cravings are a bent form of hunger. The body hungering for something that is poisonous, and like puppets in a play, we dance to its deadly song. Promising satisfaction, only to end in sickness, suffering, and a hellish cycle of dependence.

Culture is in a constant state of evolution. Directing that evolution is the key to power. A force that impacts the unconscious movements of the herd. Man is a creature of habit; we live our lives in patterns. The world is changing and we are changing with it. Changes that affect how we think and feel. It seems we have been caught in a tide, so busy swimming to keep up there is no time to stop, think, and consider the direction life has taken. And as the years roll by, we wonder where the time has gone, too frightened to even consider how meaningless our lives have become.

We are so inundated by change, we simply do not have the time to consider how these changes are affecting us on the inside. What shape they are molding us into. We have become a part of the ebb and flow of an ungodly Kingdom, helplessly drifting on a tide that we know inside is leading to spiritual death. We are warned Do not conform to the patterns of this world (Rom 12:1). Conforming is deadly. It is being recreated into something with which God can no longer communicate.

As painful as it is, we have to wake up and learn how to swim against this powerful tide. Being able to live in the midst of the most powerful, influential kingdom that has ever existed in man’s history.

Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour (1 Pet 5:8). He will lull you into a sense of false security before he moves in for the kill. He is a spiritual predator wreaking destruction on unsuspecting prey. For this reason, God warns us to be alert and self–controlled. We are living in a fool's paradise, believing we can flirt with his kingdom and come out unscathed. In turning to this world for fulfillment, we jeopardize our diplomatic immunity that has been purchased by Christ. An immunity that enables us to live holy lives in an unholy world.

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addiction is in many environments. The gym can become a religion and an addiction. It did for me. I would alter helping folks after I went to the gym. In my family, we have the compulsive gambling addiction. Satan can use all the tools to spit in our face and Gods face. We who understand this can pray and defeat all addictions.
This has blessed me. I am overweight and reading this is an eye opener
very insightful!
it was truly informative...but still do give more about this
Beautiful article. Very well written. God is so good!! Thank you Jesus for freedom!! Praise the Living God because He is good!! This site is a blessing. Keep walking in obedience and keep sharing the Word!! I am so grateful for this site!!
Thanks for this amazing write up.. it is the need of the hour when the world seems to be taken for a ride by Satan.
This is true according to lots of people, and i am one of those. Thank you for identifying these evils. I would not have done it myself.
john d
Just want i needed.Beautiful, God bless you.
I bumped into this article by chance in my usual search for answers to the devil and his weapons and I'm glad I did.
Good article, all believers need to recognize the tricks of Satan
awesome article of pure truth, blessings to ya.
Thank you for this kind and no-nonsense writing.
I've read A LOT of forums, blogs and articles on addiction (specifically food addiction) and this website is proving to be invaluable to me. Thank you so much for literature that resonates with ME!
An eye opening point of view!
theresa kistner
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