Battling Cancer With Juice Fasting

By: Ron Lagerquist

Fasting is able to catabolize on tumors, and for this reason, many have overcome cancer during a fast. Water fasting is a powerful way to fight cancer but it may not be enough. We recommend water fasting combined with days of juice fasting to rebuild the body and supply the nutrients that enable healing.

Cancer fights for the body's resources. The wasting away seen in cancer is from the cancer consuming the glucose in the blood. To battle cancer with fasting the best choice is a combination of water fasting and juice fasting using 2-5 classes of juice per day, including green leafy vegetable like spinach, chard, or parsley to maintain strength and support the body's immune system. This may require 2-3 fast over 14 days long alternating to a diet high in raw foods. Essiac Tea, Jason Winters Herbal Tea are some of the herbal combination proven in fighting cancer.

With juice fasting you can come out a winner in a battle against cancer but you have to move quickly. Buy a juicer and make green vegetable juices from kales spinach, green lettuce, leeks, and lemons. Strain the juice. Drink 1/2 cup every hour. Drink Essiac Tea between the juices. Use an enema daily. Go to your local health store and buy the herbs and supplements that are recommended in the book Prescription for Healing. Ask you friends to pray. When faced with the decision for surgery get alone and pray when you get peace about the decision that is the right one. Do not make decisions out of fear and family pressures. The key to battling cancer with juice fasting is small amount of low-calorie nutrition packed juice. Thus you get maximum scouring. Some persistent forms of cancer may take 40 days of fasting. Move into the fast quickly, it is a race against time especially in pancreatic cancer or any aggressive cancer. 

You will most lightly be without hunger throughout the fast. The absence of hunger can last days or weeks making the fast easy to stay on. 

Fasting tip: Dizziness

You may experience dizziness, if you do get down on one knee and the dizziness will stop immediately. For more on juice and water fasting click on the links provided on the left.

Chemotherapy or Radiation

If you choose to undergo chemotherapy or radiation, juice fasting, or make fresh juice daily while eating a raw food diet, including raw nuts and seeds, will support the body in combating the negative effects of chemotherapy. 

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