Before Deciding Count The Cost

By: Ron Lagerquist

"It can be an expensive investment, even painful to explore the roots of destructive behavior."

It's easy to make decisions in the heat of guilt. But remorse is a poor base for decision, for emotions change like the wind. Deciding to go on a diet after a binge is destined for failure. Guilt can be a great motivation but it doesn’t last.

First you must ask the question, why you want to go on a diet? If for simply losing weight or purging guilt, it will have no staying power. Desiring to be thin and attractive is a form of vanity. Vanity has no ability to tap into the eternal resource of authority God has given us. Decisions that have no eternal value become shallow to a heart that truly wants to follow in the footsteps of Jesus.

Gaining control over what you eat is important. God cares about your health. Your body is His temple. Bingeing is rooted in something far deeper than simply craving. Sit down and take the time to delve inside, finding the roots of why you binge in the first place. Is it rooted in fear, insecurity, a low self-esteem, a lack of control in your life? Whatever it may be, there are important decisions to make first before you begin to make changes in your diet. Few invest the time and energy to seriously get down to business when it comes to addiction and compulsive behavior. All of us experience certain levels of compulsive behavior, but it is worth going deep and rooting out the reasons why we are manifesting unhealthy behavior in our daily living.

It can be an expensive investment, even painful to explore the roots of destructive behavior. We need to be courageous. God will go with us. But we cannot make wise decisions unless we are fully informed. A decision can be like a scalpel, precise in its ability to cut away destructive roots that have woven their way into our character. Again we emphasize that decisions are creative in nature, being able to reconstruct our hearts in the way that God has originally intended us to be.

The decision that you make today will affect you for years to come. But any decision that moves us closer to God will pay dividends throughout eternity. To deal with compulsive eating or any craving and addiction will force you to face painful things inside your heart and they will rise up in power if they are disturbed through decision.

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