Breaking Compulsive Overeating!

Fasting Testimony by Judy Rolfe

"Today I’m 30 lbs. lighter, off all prescribed and over-the-counter medications for asthma, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, anxiety, depression, back pain and allergies. My health is restored, my spirit renewed!"

Breaking Compulsive OvereatingOn December 16, 1960, only a few days before Christmas, I tragically lost my father, I had just turned six years old. Back in those days, losing someone by death was not something discussed or treated, especially for a child. My life just moved on. 

It wasn’t long afterwards that I was given a new Daddy. He was very different from the first. Truth is, I don’t even remember my real father. The life I knew before was never going to be the same again. I had to learn to adjust to a new authority. I didn’t fair very well at all. No one knew. 

By age 10, I was a full-blown compulsive overeater, dreadfully addicted to sugar! My comfort was in my food and the “high” that my body needed to keep from submersing in a sea of depression. Food became my best friend. Although I was never heavy in my younger life, I battled the next 40 years in this raging war of addiction. What I did know was that I was miserable in this relationship with my “secret” friend. I never confessed it to anyone so how could anyone help me? I remained in my own world of deception and shame. 

In November of 2004, God lead me to Setting Captives Free ministry. I began an online course called “The Lord’s Table”. This 60-day course was designed to help break through the bondage and idolatry from food. Within the course was a plan to water/juice fast one day per week. Truthfully, I didn’t see how this would help me. The idea of fasting from my emotional “lifeblood”, food, was almost incomprehensible. After the 4th weekly fast, I had found victory in making it through. 

After the completion of The Lord’s Table, I had begun to see the light in controlling, but not breaking compulsive overeating. I understood how I had chosen to allow food to separate me from God. I now believe I had trusted in food more than my Savior. My heart was broken by this revelation, as God had planned it to be. It was then that I stumbled upon Freedomyou. Was it an accident or coincidence to have found this ministry? No, I knew it was a God Thing. His plan was unfolding. Having no sick time left at work, I determined to fast! I knew I could make it 1-2 days. Was it possible for me to fast for 3 days if need be? Maybe 4 days? I was not confident in myself to think I could make it any longer; however, the Lord obviously knew my fears of and had other divine plans. Not long before, I had shied away from committing to a 20-day fast with The Lord’s Table – Part II, believing I could never do it. Giving up what I loved most (eating) was not conceivable. I was about to be thrown head first out the window of my spiritual comfort zone! 

Had I had been told what was going to come, I would have certainly fled; however, through God’s miraculous grace my 2-3 day fast turned into 25 days. It was on day 3 of me fast that I heard God speak, Judy, now trust Me…I will carry you through! I will be glorified in you. Like a little child reaching for the arms of its Daddy, I held mine up high to my Abba as He swept me under His Wings! I then felt a comfort that I had yearned for since the death of my father. I was safe once again.

There was no denying that my heart was ready for the journey of my life! I realized that there was no way I would have anything to do with controlling this fast. My fear was far too great. What I soon discovered was my God was even greater! His words, “He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world!” took on a new meaning. At the same time, my partnership with Freedomyou developed. With the wealth of information on the site along with the spiritual and prayerful support from the forum partners, I made it through. I experienced a lasting victory from compulsive overeating that I suffered all those years. 

Today, three extended fasts have done its work. I’m 30 lbs. lighter and off all prescribed and over-the-counter medications for asthma, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, anxiety, depression, back pain and allergies. My diet is now void of red meat, wheat and gluten products, dairy, white sugar and white flours. The sugar demons have found a new home somewhere else! My health is restored, compulsive overeating broken and my spirit is renewed! 

I never knew life could be so good if only I allowed God to control it. Now it’s my passion to not only enlighten those who remain ignorant of this incredible blessing from God but to minister to and encourage those who are just like me. If only I had someone to enlighten me a long time ago. 

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All addictions are similar. Whether it's drugs, cigarettes, food, alcohol, etc. it's that false bondage that we need to break free from. Fasting clears the fog and enlightens us to the power that God inately has within us. I've recently had severe nose bleeds; in denial, I kept drinking to not face what God was nudging me to claim. Yesterday I stopped drinking and am on a fast. I do believe that fasting not only clears the toxins but clears our minds to be with God's word. Yrs. ago I fasted for 24 hrs. a day (one meal a day) and never had a struggle with food or alcohol. Now it's due time to get clean again and fasting IS the only antidote
A real encouragement .... Thank you! :) on day 5 of a fast and will now trust God with the length of it :)
Alison Jackson
amazing. so encouraging too me and what I am struggling through as well
Awesome testimony. I am struggling terribly with over eating & I know the Holy Spirit keeps nudging me to fast to overcome it. Honestly, fear is gripping me. Way to go!
Ann S
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