Breaking Porn Addiction - Action 2 - Repent

By: Ron Lagerquist

We are not talking about another guilt-driven, weepy repentance fest. This is a war cry with oomph. A time of cleansing backed up by hard decisions. Repentance means change not just tears and guilt. A fresh start is allowing Jesus to wash you clean from past sin. If you failed five minutes ago it’s in the past and can be washed clean by confession. If you have repented and are still living under guilt, get over it. Like lust, guilt is just another form of self-indulgence. You are forgiven, get up, get over it and start to fight! Dear friend, if you are serious about changing and are remorseful enough to do anything within your power to change then you are cleansed as if you have never sinned. Not because of how tearful your repentance is but because of the mighty power of Christ’s blood. 

Any time spent with your Abba Father and you will quickly discover He has certain tendencies. There is one in particular that would be good for you to become familiar with. God has a forgiving heart. Unlike many of us, He does not find it hard to forgive, although forgiveness did not come cheaply; it cost God a great deal. There have been periods in my life where I have used God’s forgiveness as a back door to repentance. Yes, I felt guilty indulging in a repetitive sin but I always knew that I could sample again and then appeal to God’s forgiving heart. The fear of totally cutting ties to my addiction was greater than my fear for God. This is a dangerous place to be in because that back door swings both ways. It is a door Satan and his demons can enter through at will because you, yes you, have given Satan legal ground to do so. 

Here and now, you need to remove all back doors to your repentance. This is all or nothing. You need to be resolved that you will never ever look at pornography again. The relationship with your addiction is over forever. That is the kind of resolve God can empower. It is single minded, honest and true. 

You may have back doors and are not even aware of them. Ask God to open the eyes of your heart and show you any back doors into your heart, as tiny as they may be, so you can repent of them and move forward with power, not looking back.

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