Breaking Porn Addiction - Action 3 - Rebuild Intimacy

By: Ron Lagerquist

Strangely, a predisposition to pornography often involves intimacy problems rooted in insecurity. I could write a book delving into this or we can do something about it. The shame and guilt you have been living under only exasperates intimacy issues. Now that you are forgiven it is time to rebuild a strong intimacy with God which will become the foundation to effectively use these weapons. You need to draw near to God and there is no better way than a fast.

On a very practical level fasting will temporarily disarm the sex drive. Food cravings and lust are connected. Both are desires of the flesh, both are twisted forms of something healthy. You need to read this: Spiritual Fasting

Read through the book of Proverbs every three days throughout your fast. That is ten chapters a day. It will take about an hour or less, one third the time of the average baseball game. Now that you are no longer indulging in addiction you will free up time for the Word. Great tradeoff! You are going to build a new foundation, Proverbs is your blueprint. Relax in the presence of God. Receive the fullness of His grace.

Intimacy with your spouse will take some time. It is about rebuilding trust. Be patient, you owe that to her. Do not try to prove yourself, simply walk in obedience and time will prove itself. Wives can tell; they will sense the change. You were probably blind to just how much your secret was effecting your public life and your bedroom. Lack of trust on her behalf is not a lack of support. Stop turning to your spouse for the things you ought to be turning to God for this is why it is so important to rebuild strong intimacy with God. Remember, this fast is not about penance or proving to your wife you are serous: it is about your relationship with God.

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