Healthy Protein Foods

By: Ron Lagerquist

The key to including chicken, red meat and eggs in your diet is purchasing naturally raised animal products and eating them in moderation. Because you will be buying less, you can afford the higher price of properly raised meat. We pay about a dollar more for a dozen organic eggs compared to the standard brands, and it is well worth it. A short drive into the country or simply asking around (look for people who appear unusually healthy), and you will discover farms that sell naturally raised meats cheaper than from a health store.

Once you have learned to trust your sources, meat does not have to be certified organic. The Chair Elder in our Church has a small hobby farm with chickens, ducks and turkeys. The animals are fed grain and run free, with no nasty injections. It is not uncommon to find a hen swaggering through the kitchen while the family is eating it’s roasted brother.

We often think of meat as the main course and over-steamed vegetables or salad as the side order. Reverse this and you will be healthier for it. Here is a telling comparison: A three-ounce lean cut of steak with fat trimmed contains about 130 calories, 2 g of saturated fat and 22 g of protein. Compare this to the average 6-ounce serving at the local steak house, fat not trimmed, weighing in at 700 calories, 24 g of saturated fat and 44 g of protein.

Remember, all animal foods contain zero fiber; this is why I always recommend eating fish, red meat, chicken or eggs with fiber-rich vegetable foods. This will serve two purposes. Vegetable foods are low concentrated but bulking, giving you that full filling for fewer calories. Hence, the six ounce steak can be reduced to three ounces and your hunger is none the wiser. And secondly, the fiber will reduce transit time through the intestine, resulting in less putrefaction of meat and a cleaner, healthier colon. So what does this look like? For the Lagerquists, you are looking at a lightly grilled, seasoned pink fillet of salmon surrounded with steamed colorful vegetables, a small pat of melted butter, a sprinkle of sea salt and freshly ground pepper over all. It’s good to be alive!

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