Creation vs. Evolution Debate – Five Learning Points at a Glance

By: Ron Lagerquist

Science Began With Christianity 

Most historians, including the atheistic variety, agree that modern science sprang from Christian Europe. It is easy to see why. Christianity is based on monotheism, which asserts that the natural world was created by a single God of order. All the sciences are completely dependent upon the rational that there is order in the Universe. Without order there can be no predictable results to any laboratory test. All things being equal, what happens in a test tube today will precisely happen tomorrow because of an orderly universe. Therefore, monotheism (one Creator God) is a favorable ideology for promoting the birth of science. Conversely, the many fighting gods of the Greeks or millions of gods of the Hindus would not produce the proper intellectual bases where the sciences could geminate and flourish. Read More: Creation Scientists and other Biographies of Interest  

Theories Of Finite Minds 

As defined by The American Heritage Dictionary, Theory means “An assumption based on limited information or knowledge; a conjecture.” In other words, an opinion or educated guess. Even though evolution is touted via dummied down nature shows and science documentaries as fact, real scientists will tell you evolution is a theory. It cannot be proven in a laboratory, in fact quite the opposite. Try as they may, no laboratory has been able to produce life from non-life. No scientist has ever observed an adaptation. 

There Is Little Consensus Among Evolutionists

We think scientists as objective thinkers, above the influences of petty human emotion that bias their research. Again, not true. The theory of evolution involves an array of sciences including geology, anthropology, biology, and astronomy, to mention a few. Even among those who hold the evolutionary view, many of the crucial features and finer points of evolution are under dispute. Moreover, scientists are not above human desires of fame and fortune. Often, published research has had to be retracted as a result of fervent haste or doctored findings. The sensational claim is front page news; the less than sensational retraction receives little play. 

Remember the headline news, "Conclusive evidence of Martian life." The apparent evidence was uncovered in the now famous meteorite ALH84001 that had supposedly come from Mars. Under closer investigation, it did not take long before the claim was shown to be unfounded. Nonetheless, when I asked a number of elementary teachers whether there was life on Mars, they only remembered the stunning headline news and not the third page retraction. These are the educators of the most trusting minds, our children. 

Bits Of Bones

Creation vs. Evolution DebateI am sure you are familiar with those great artist renderings of monkey evolving into human. I remember them as a child, very compelling. How do you argue with such clear evidence? Later, with a little research I discovered the only thing that is clear is man has been endowed with a great imagination. There is no evidence to support such artistic renderings. Even leading evolutionist scientists find these renderings distasteful and wholly unscientific, and for good reason. Unless you are predisposed to artistic flare, all we have is a few tables with bits of bones and partial skulls. Such fossils could have a variety of speculative explanations other than the evolution model when looked at objectively.

Respected Creation Scientists

It is not the tastiest hamburger that wins the open mouths of millions but the one with the most effective advertising. And the loudest voice is rarely the most reliable. Today a secular humanistic media has the loudest voice on earth, and a populous that has neither the time nor inclination to research their claims, with open minds, languidly eat it up without question. It is said if we hear something enough it becomes a truth whether true or not. This has played out in history time and time again. 

Many people I talk to are under the impression that evolution is a science and creation is a faith. The fact is there are many respected scientists in every field of study that, from an intellectual base, have great trouble with the theory of evolution and the big bang. And there are many creationist scientists who believe there is enough physical evidence that point to the Biblical account of creation. Their voices are not being heard, not because they are not without academic credibly, but they do not fit into status quo. Movies and TV shows have gone to great length stereotyping Christians as, close minded, backward thinking bigots. Some of this many be deserved, but it is quickly changing. There are highly respected creation scientists in every field of study, and they have something to say worth listening to, both to the insecure believer, and honest seeker. Read More: Creation Scientists and other Biographies of Interest  

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