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Fasting Testimony By Kimberly Clovis

On Monday November 11, 2002, I was doing some research on fasting. It was then that I found the Freedomyou website. As I began to read about fasting and how it is beneficial to the body, my enthusiasm soared. I immediately showed this information to my husband and told him that my fast would continue for 21 days. I explained to him that I would fast on only water and fresh juices. I told him how the Lord again laid something on my heart. I had been praying for healing for myself from many chronic conditions – back pain, migraines, obesity, and skin problems to name a few. The Lord spoke to me that an extended fast would deliver me from all of them. After reading all the materials I printed from the site, my husband told me that the Lord had laid a 40 day fast on his heart for he needed deliverance from hemorrhoids. The doctor told him that he has the hemorrhoids of a 65-year-old man and that he desperately needed laser surgery. So, without any resistance, we both committed to fast for 40 days. This would be no easy task with Thanksgiving right around the corner but we pressed on.

We had considered this fast to be a fast for physical health, but after a few days into it, we began to grow closer to the Lord. We were transformed during this time. As we became more conscious of our health and the maintenance of the Lord’s temple, we became so much more in tune with the Holy Spirit in daily prayer, Bible study and devotions. We rarely turned on the television except to occasionally watch the news and that was only so we would know how to pray that day. It was during this time that the ministry the Lord has called us to was born.

We made it through Thanksgiving with no problems. And the foods that were there at the family dinner seemed unhealthy and unappetizing. I really enjoyed my vegetable juice that day and while everyone was fatigued from the excess of refined sugars and saturated fats, we were energetic and ready to climb the highest mountain.

It is now over 2 months since we ended the 40-day fast. My husband’s hemorrhoids are a thing of the past. I have no more back pain or migraine headaches and my skin problems are under control. I am no longer obese, just slightly overweight as I lost 46 pounds during that time. Since then, we have been soaring spiritually, more dedicated to the Lord and His work than ever before. We have since been called to a series of fasts, water and juice fasting. Each day is a spirit-filled day as the Lord has taken us from glory to glory because when He called, we answered.

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Thank you for your testimony
I do believe The Church needs to get back to FASTING & PRAYER
Darlene Fitzgerald
This is so inspiring. I suffer from many of the same physical problems you mentioned & more. I am considering fasting too. I hope I can see the good results that you have. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful testimony.
Mrs. Smith
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