Fasting And Heart Disease

Healed of Chest Pain and Increased Energy 

"I had been experiencing pain off and on in my chest for over a year. The pain is gone!"

I was interested in fasting, but could never get past one day without food; I usually felt too sick to continue. After gaining more information through asking questions, my confidence grew and I decided to try a fast. My first fast was three days. Drinking fresh juice made all the difference; I was able to fast without uncomfortable sensations.

Shortly after this, I went on another three day fast. It was on this second fast I started to get results. I gained energy and concentration increased. Because of this, I decided to tackle a longer fast. I was interested in finding out how long I could go without food. It had become a challenge.

A week later I started to fast. On the third day of the fast I became dizzy and sick with nausea and dry heaves, but I was determined. I knew enough to realize these things happened and would pass. I drank lots of juice to help me get through it. After 5 days of fasting, my energy increased. I jogged, did pushups, and walked. My ability to think increased, as I became more relaxed and focused.

After 14 days, I was down at the park practicing deep breathing. I felt a small pain in my chest. Then suddenly I felt a release. A burst of energy in the area of my heart sent a tingling feeling all over my body. I sat on the ground to continue my deep breathing and enjoy the feeling that was flooding my entire body. There was an incredible sense of freedom. Before, I had been experiencing pain off and on in my chest for over a year. The pain was gone!

No More Bad Chest Pains

"Rarely now do I feel a slight pain in my heart, but not once has it been as scary and intense as before."

I’m 22 Christian male from California. I started fasting during a huge spiritual need in my life, to seek the Lord and to turn away from sin. I had chronic heart pains, and twice almost died. Once when the paramedics arrived at my home they said that I couldn’t be having a heart attack because I was too young. Nevertheless I had intense heart pains, like somebody was stabbing me in the chest. One time my whole body became white and cold when these pains started. Finally, I decided to juice-fast for 5 days. I juiced carrot, beet, apple, and little bit of potato and celery and drank 3 bottles of juice a day with twice the water. As I fasted and prayed, I noticed myself drawing closer to God. After completing my fast, my heart pains went away. I'm amazed by the power of fasting and prayer. Rarely now do I feel a slight pain in my heart, but not once has it been scary intense as before. In my opinion, doctor's that refuse to support fasting, don’t know much about it. I know what happened to me, and seen the evidence in my life. A lot of people that are against fasting, never actually experienced the power of healing in their own lives.

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