Fasting Breaks Addiction

By: Ron Lagerquist

"The food industry has perfected the addictiveness of foods adding salt, fat and processed sugar, and millions crave their offerings daily."

The food industry has perfected the addictiveness of foods adding salt, fat and processed sugar, and millions crave their offerings daily. It is hard to tackle food addiction; after all we must eat, right? A quiet food-fix during a hectic day is only a drive-through away. Availability for the junk food addict is a real problem. Fasting is a great and needed break from eating, allowing the body to balance homeostasis, untangling emotions from the up-and-down roller-coaster ride addiction produces.

If I spend enough quality time with a certain food I start becoming emotionally attached. It’s just the way I am put together. Problem is, in the past I have made bad food-relationship decisions. Years ago I met an All Dressed Hostess Potato Chip in the seedy part of my grocery Store. Had no business being there in the first place. Let’s just say I was needy. Months later, and a painful break-up, we parted company, but the relationship left deep scares. About four inches deep around my waist. Oh, there was that seductive little Peanut Butter Cup. Never was interested until they came out with the three-pack for the price of two, remember that? Thought I was getting a deal, but ended up paying a bigger price later on. Took three years to end that co-dependent relationship. I learned my lesson and went food-celibate for 30 days, getting my emotions settled. Funny, after all these years every time I see Peanut Butter Cup it still feels like I am going to break out in acne.

The good news is for the last few years I have been seeing someone new and it’s looking good. We spend our mornings together. Real colorful personality too, sweet in the most natural way. I think it’s a healthy relationship, my fruit salad and me. When I wake up, I’m not thinking bacon and eggs, no. An orange, grapefruit, two bananas, half a cantaloupe, grapes, two pears; add a little natural yogurt to taste, and wow! 

I have learned something about life. Spent time with the wrong people and you become just a little bit like them. Chose your friends wisely. But this also applies to what you cram into every cell of your body. You will develop emotional and physiological attachments to what you eat daily, especially the foods you turn to when lonely and depressed. They will have the strongest attachment. The great news is if you are willing to go through a period of separation-blues, you can form healthy attachments just like my beloved fruit salad.

Jesus awaits our willingness to surrender our addiction gods. Remember the young Rich Man. Wealth choked his very soul. He truly hungered for the Kingdom; all people do whether they know it or not. And Jesus loved him—gave him the way out of his meaningless existence. Yet it was an impossibility at that moment. The ruler was young and in love with the luxuries money secured. The emptiness within had to ferment longer until it would eat away his pride and independence. Then he would be ready.

Fasting invariably brings to the surface deep-seated fears that affect thinking and decision-making. It does this by challenging that complex human instinct calledself-preservation. This instinct has been created in every living thing on earth, including man. But you are a New Creation in Christ, recreated not to be controlled by instincts. Because of a rebirth, you have been recreated into a creature of a higher and grander design than that of your former life.

Recently I was reading about the negative effects of coffee shaking my head at myself and all humanity. “Coffee promotes aging and can cause impotence.” How much would we pay if they discovered a drink you could consume every morning that would slow down aging and increase libido? I would hazard a lot! Yet here I was, eating an almost raw diet, working out in the gym, applying special moisturizing creams to my face after the shower, coloring the gray out of my goatee, the last vestige of hair I own, and paying for and drinking an extract of bean that is known to increase aging and hobnobs with impotency. For what? A meager hour of energy borrowed from the rest of the day so for hours afterward I feel tired. That’s nuts! There is only one thing that causes us to act so irrationally and self-destructive. Addiction. 

The problem is addictions take no work on our part, you just drink something, pop a pill, sit back and let it happen. We put so much faith in our addictions, that’s what gives them power. And we are surprised when we discover, Hey, I can live without this, in fact I can live better.

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That's a very well written article. It has reached me in a way other words can't. The author is obviously intelligent and down to earth. There's an understanding in her voice too. It's non-judgemental tone is what wins me over. Thank you,Mike
Thanks! I know this was written in the context of food, but it spoke to many areas of my life -- just the motivation I need to start fasting and breaking chains.
Lovely Article
This is really good.
Makes good sense to me. I'm starting today.
Great read! Im a filler so I definitely relate. You are giving me the perfect motivation to continue with my fast!
Yeah, the info that i need. Thanks
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