Fasting Cured My Chronic Migraines

Fasting Testimony By Angie Mouw

"To counteract my heart problem I ended up on another medication that made me lose a lot of my hair. For two years I dealt with this lifestyle, and the medication wasn't working effectively."

Up to the age of 16, I was very active in sports and have been for years. I was currently in my tenth year of soccer at competitive levels. I did well in school and had a lot of friends. But due to the stress involved in my parent's divorce and my way of handling it, I became sick, having seizure like symptoms, vision loss and massive migraines. I was traveling 45 minutes each way every week to see a pediatric neurologist who ran numerous blood, heart and brain tests. I ended up on medication. That medication made my heart rate nearly double at all times and tripled when trying to continue with soccer. I eventually had to quit a sport I love so much. To counteract my heart problem I ended up on another medication that made me lose a lot of my hair. For two years I dealt with this lifestyle, and the medication wasn't working effectively. Year two, I went in for another blood test and found that the medication level was too low in my blood stream. This meant I had to start over on a new medication because I was already on the highest dose of my present medication. I thought to myself, "there has to be a better way". 

Having grown up in the Catholic school system, I had developed a profound relationship with God. My dad had a friend at work who told him about Freedomyou. He himself had fasted to rid his body of a disease. My dad was telling him about my situation and the word was passed on. I was a bit wary at first, but I thought anything would be better than what I was experiencing. My dad was not an advocate of medication, so he really encouraged me to try it.

I went to the website and began reading. After about a week of research I began my first fast. At the time I was still having the migraines and I was off the previous medication. I only fasted for five days. I found that after day three, it got a lot easier. I went back to the doctor about a week after the fast and explained to him what I had done. I told him the headaches were gone. I checked in with him about a week later and they were still gone. I hadn't had a headache since. Most people fast for 10-30 days, but my short fast worked.

So many people don't realize what they are putting into their body. Meats are pumped with hormones as well as cheese and milk. Even when you think you're eating right, you really aren't. If only we could make people more aware of what they are doing to themselves, and maybe we could change the way this world is headed. I work in the health insurance world and it's sad to see what people are experiencing. Costs are rising and people don't understand it's their own fault. We rely so heavily on doctors now because of what we do to ourselves. In turn, because so much is spent on medical and pharmacies, health care is now unaffordable to most people.

Ron Lagerquist

This is a testimony of dramatic results in a very short time; only a five day fast. Again testifying to the fact that in spite of astonishing breakthroughs there is still much medical science does not understand when it comes to the functions of the human body. Thanks Angie for sharing this great story.

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This article was too long I skipped 90 percent why don't people who write just get to the point.
Kim Scharee
Great article ... my friend is suffering from Migraines, and is about to start a 9-day water fast, so I will share your story with her. I've done several fasts of up to 20 days, and am about to embark on a 30-day fast ... they've kept my joints and body youthful for sports!
Mike Lucarelli
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