Fasting: Day 10 – And Then Came Prayer

By: Ron Lagerquist

Physical Side

The juice from one pineapple, one sweet potato, and two oranges. This is my favorite juice combination. Two large glasses of veggie juice with an added beet and its beet greens. This produces a dark reddish-brown veggie juice. 

Remember, when it comes to antioxidants, it’s all in the color. Juice with beets and beet greens tastes better than it looks, especially if you add an extra apple. 
Went for a 3 mile hike, lots of energy, and crystal clear mind. Also it’s my experience that eyesight improves as fasting goes on, other than the periods of detox, where all senses are a blur. 

Spiritual Side

Man, this is praying. Comparatively, most other times it feels like just talking to myself or thinking out loud. The good thing is this will affect my prayer even after the fast is over. Your prayer is only as good as your connection to God. It’s the difference between talking with someone who really knows you and talking at a stranger. 

“The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective” James 5:16. Ok, so the prayer of an unrighteous man is impotent and a waste of time. This only makes sense. The words of someone you are close to will have greater impact than words from a stranger. And even if they are close to you, words spoken on the fly is totally different then when a close friend says, sit down, we need to talk. Praying while fasting is like saying to God, I really want to commune with You. I’m going to remove the distractions, lock eyes and focus all of my attention on You. That’s what God is all about, and your prayers land right in His wheelhouse. So be careful what you pray because they just may get answered.

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