Fasting: Day 14 – Fasting Through My Holidays

By: Ron Lagerquist

Physical Side

Two pounds of red grapes and one apple juiced. I’ll give you a couple of free tips here. First, if you are using a centrifugal force juicer, run the grape pulp through a second time, you will extract more juice and pigment in the skin, which is where most of the anti-cancer magic is. And second, fresh grape juice is very strong so dilute with water or an apple. Two glasses of veggie juice; the juice from one small cantaloupe. 

Woke up very weak with a coated tongue. This may be a hard detox day so best to stay away from the leftover treats in the staff room. In fact I will not enter the staff room at all today. 

Spiritual Side

Tomorrow I start a ten day stretch of holidays; I will be fasting the whole time. At first I wasn’t happy about this. I often work all day, then come home and work again throughout the evening on Freedomyou. My friends tell me that I am the most productive person they know. My diet is mostly fresh fruit and veggies, I hit the gym four times a week and often run or cycle another three times a week. When tired and discouraged I motivate myself with the vision of my vacation times enjoying palm trees, salt water, and decadent foods. It’s one week of no workouts, runs, minimal writing and saying yes instead of no when it comes to food. I count on gaining around two pounds of well-earned fat. But over the next week, trade blue sky for an 80’s stucco ceiling, an ocean for a small town creek, and fine cuisine for carrot juice. 

Yet as the days have drawn closer to tomorrow, anticipation has grown into excitement over what is going to happen during this next week. Even though remaining home in my working environment, I’m committed to not work, instead I will continue to chase God and recatch the vision for Freedomyou. I may not be journeying to an exotic land, but a whole week of uninterrupted fasting, meditation and prayer will create its own inward journey which I am anticipating to be a greater source of joy and fulfillment then palm trees and decadent foods. 
There’s another thing to consider. I’m giving God my best time, not my spare time. He’s going to get my whole vacation. It’s been my experience that you cannot out-give God. There’s a very cool verse that says, “And find out what pleases the Lord” Eph. 5:10. I already feel in my spirit that God is pleased with my offering of choice time. 

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