Fasting: Day 15 – Don’t Fight The Journey

By: Ron Lagerquist

Physical Side

One huge honeydew juiced; two glasses of veggie juice with added kale. When choosing melons for juicing, usually I will opt for the more nutrient dense cantaloupe. But there is that rare occasion that I find an out-of-season honeydew that promises to be spectacular. And in Canada that’s a real treat. While shopping this morning there sat this huge, sweet smelling beauty, on sale for $2.99. It sat there speaking to me. Sure enough the juice it produced was both plenteous and rich tasting. At day fifteen the taste buds welcomes the variety. 

Spiritual Side

It’s the first day of my holidays and to be honest I woke up this morning a little depressed and feeling sorry for myself.  As I was leaving work yesterday, my co-workers were asking me:
“So where you going for your vacation?” 
“Nowhere,” I smiled. 
“Oh,” surprised, “so what are you doing?”
“Nothing.” I’m no longer smiling.

Have you ever known beyond a shadow of a doubt you should do something, but then some well-meaning reaction throws you into confusion? Well I am not immune to that. I know by now I shouldn’t be affected by other people’s reactions especially when it comes to fasting, but I am. They plant seeds. Worse still is when you find yourself justifying your decision to a poor soul who isn’t all that interested—really, you’re just talking to yourself, or better, talking to your doubts. 
By the time the morning had passed I was feeling better, but there were a few critical minutes where hopping in the car and finding a local break-fast diner was a real possibility. Instead, I did something clever, I got on reluctant knees and prayed. And it was all that was needed. I could feel myself giving over to the fast. 

When the bar comes down into lock position and the ride begins, it takes a while before hands and body relaxes, and you can really give yourself over to the ride and enjoy. It’s about trust and faith. As the fast has progressed it has become clear that there is something different about this one. It’s like when I used to go fishing, and felt a tug, set the hook, and started to reel the fish in. At first it feels like any other fish, but then the rod doubles over, line peels out, and I know I have a big one. 

I can feel myself drawing back in fear of the unknowable. I am fighting something larger than myself and I’m losing control. During this next vacation week, where will this fast take me? 

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