Fasting: Day 17 – Counting The Cost

By: Ron Lagerquist

Physical Side

The juice of one large pineapple, two oranges and a large sweet potato. Two cups of veggie juice. Spending the entire day alone at the conservation area or at home, reading and praying. Outside it is warm, sunny and very windy. This is my favorite weather. The world is animated and occupied with the music of blowing trees, plus the wind keeps the air clean of biting black flies and mosquitoes, seeking the taste of organic blood. 

Spiritual Side

Part of the decision of whether to pay out serious money to have a professional site built, is how much I’m willing to equally invest my time? During the boom years of Freedomyou when books and juicer sales where growing and seminar requests abounded, it was my goal to become successful enough to quit my full time job and devote all my focus on this business/ministry. In growth times, vision and personal investment does not take a whole lot of faith. But then the recession hit hard, the web expanded 100 fold resulting in fierce competition for traffic, Google changed their algorithms favoring larger, more professional sites. Freedomyou sales waned and so did my faith. It became much more complicated than just publishing articles and paying for web hosting. It was either change with the times or be left behind. 

After some hard research and consultation I now have a good idea the work and time it will take to make Freedomyou competitive again. For the remainder of this year it will demand almost every waking hour of my time, and still there are no real guarantees. 

There is the significant cost of website rehabilitation, but more importantly, there is a cost to being a writer. You turn yourself inside out every time you sit down in front of your laptop. And it’s a lonely life. When friends are out having fun, you are at home writing, weekends and working nights. So I’m counting the cost, not just in dollars but personal time and energy. 

I guess if I’m honest, the hesitation is more about discouragement then commitment. I’m hardwired for commitment, but feeling discouraged can knock the knees out of commitment. I need that fire in the belly, like I had when this whole thing got started. I wrote for almost ten years before seeing my first book sale, but that didn’t stop me. I had a vision of what God was going to do, and I believed in what I was doing. More than anything, that’s what this fast is about. I want to work and write from vision, and when Mr. Discouragement comes around speaking negativity, I’ll be too busy to listen. Too excited to care. 

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