Fasting: Day 2 – TV Off

By: Ron Lagerquist

Physical Side

One pineapple, one sweet potato and two oranges juiced; one glass of grape juice; one glass of orange juice; two large glasses of veggie juice. 
Surprisingly little amount of hunger or weakness. Life is not blurring by as quickly, things feel like they are slowing down. This is allowing for more deliberate, creative thinking. Man, does that feel good. Over the last few months I have felt as creative as a blank computer screen. 

Spiritual Side

The hyper-active noise of TV, chocked full of food commercials, is already becoming a contradiction to the fasting state that is gently invading my body. In fact I find cutting out news and most media of great benefit during fasting. Granted, it’s an adjustment not to know what’s going on in the world on an hour by hour basis, I can get as addicted to media as the next guy, but it doesn’t take long before the spell is broken, allowing the mind to enter into an uninterrupted stillness, and it’s there I can get reacquainted to the spiritual part that is connected to God. 

During The early days of a fast, I find it hard to read the bible. A great alternative is the older TV mini-series, Jesus Of Nazareth. It’s six hours of biblical goodness, and perfect fasting food. You can purchase it on Amazon for as low as $9. I will watch thirty or forty minutes each evening. 
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