Step 3 - Healthy Lifestyle For Weight Management

By: Ron Lagerquist

You may have heard this slogan on the radio touted by a popular weight loss program. “You can eat the food you love and still lose weight.” The problem is we love the wrong kinds of food. The whole approach is shallow and wrong. Body fat is a visible and embarrassing symptom to a deeper issue and there is a real temptation to quick-fix the poundage away without dealing with the unhealthy lifestyle hidden behind pounds. As we have learned, most mainstream diet programs, although providing weight loss, are extremely unhealthy even dangerous to health. They do not deal in any meaningful way with the source of the problem lying concealed deep below the skin.

There is a lot of money to be made offering desperate people quick fixes. In good conscience, I cannot do this. This system will not hit the Diet Top Ten Chart because it forces uncomfortable change. There are no thrills or pills.

So here we are. You have fasted for 30 days and eaten raw for 15, and never felt better. Weight is off, a youthful vitality is returned, and you want to keep it all. The following are five principles, if followed throughout your life, will permanently establish vibrant health.

Increase the percentage of raw food in diet

  • The number one thing you can do to extend health and vibrant living is increase raw food. Living food for a living body.

Eat natural unprocessed food

  • Eat natural unprocessed whole grain foods and unrefined oils. 
  • Educate yourself on what is truly natural and what is often a marketing ploy. Read the ingredients; do not be fooled by labels.

Eat when hungry

  • Overeating taxes the body, stores fat, creates excessive mucus.
  • Eat slowly and enjoy. Chew food well to assist digestion
  • Feed the body, starve the cravings, and don’t feed depression.

Fasting for spiritual and physical cleansing

  • Regular periods of detoxification and cleansing through juice fasting  or a raw food diet.
  • Fasting can be a launching board to dietary change.
  • A tranquil time of spiritual refreshment. 

Exercise for mental and physical well being

  • Exercise builds confidence and discipline. 
  • Cleansing the lymphatic system, increase metabolism for weight management. Better circulation, strengthened lungs and heart. 
  • Improved appetite and less fear of the occasional indulgence.

If you have not, read: Step 1, A Running Start

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Amazing information it really help me to push threw on this fast.
Awesome ! This information was like health to my navel and marrow to my bones !
Nicky Robinson
I began a water fast 2 days ago. Now into my 3rd day. I just read your website and I am encouraged to reach my goal of 14 days. I realize now how important it is regarding how you BREAK your fast. My plan is to do 4 days of brothy soups, and then 7 days of rice with veggies and egg. During this time I will be thinking about the long term changes I want to make in my eating habits. Hopefully the success of the fast will help me make some major changes. thanks again for your website.
Sal Midolo
It worked for me. 30 pounds lighter.
Thank you! Simply put but profound!
this is great!
I am trying to overcome disordered eating patterns and your info on fasting/healthy lifestyle will help a lot. Thanks!
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