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By: Ron Lagerquist

The pursuit of better health by way of the countless bottles of supplements found at your local health store can be an extremely frustrating and complicated world, not to mention expensive. Although there are health products that have value, I believe that removing toxic food from your diet and increasing fresh, raw fruits and vegetables will have the greatest impact on health. Fresh, raw fruit and vegetable juices are abundant with every essential element the body needs to heal.

In saying this, herbal remedies have been used effectively for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. Forty-percent of our present-day medicines are synthetic reproductions of natural substances. If you analyze medicinal herbs you will find only small amounts of nutrients. The active ingredients are alkaloids or organic compounds that alter the metabolism of the body. God has created herbs to help man heal. 

Herbs affect the body in the same manner as medicines. For example, ASA, more commonly known as Aspirin, was synthesized from the natural pain-relieving compound found in White Willow bark, which is a natural medicine that has been used for a thousand years. 

Herbs have a therapeutic effect because they either adjust the body's healing mechanism or stimulate a cleansing reaction. Herbs often have a specific effect that can benefit kidneys, liver, thyroid or various organs. 

Herbs work in alignment with the body rarely causing side effects. Chemical medicines ignore the body's natural balance, often resulting in side effects and depositing toxic chemicals that can remain lodged in the tissues for years causing deterioration of cell metabolism. Medicines are notorious for their side effects, stimulating healing in one area of the body while having a negative effect on the whole system. They work in opposition to the way God intended us to heal. 

Chemotherapy is a clear example of this. Powerful chemicals and radiation destroy the cancer, and for a time the cancer goes into remission. Unfortunately, the immune system is harmed and often the cancer returns to run unchecked through a defenseless body. 

No herb or medicine can compensate for a continual ingestion of dead, toxic, mucus-forming food. Vitamins, minerals, herbs, enzymes, antioxidants, ginseng, lecithin, herbal teas, magnetic therapy—any of these products are going to impact a body that is groaning under the weight of a toxic, nutrient-deficient diet. As your diet improves, these health products will have less of an effect on a body that is being saturated with life-giving, nutrient-rich fuel. After health returns, a simple diet high in raw food will supply all your nutritional needs.

In our opinion, here are some of the best natural products that can assist in healing. They can be used safely during a juice fast or as part of a healing diet. 

Multi-Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

In healing, there can be great value in high-quality vitamin and mineral supplements. We recommend organically grown, naturally derived vitamins and minerals that have a cellular delivery system. For years I have not endorsed any type of supplement, until I was introduced to Juice Plus. Read why

Chlorophyll Products

High-quality chlorophyll products are excellent because they oxygenate the blood, building hemoglobin similar to iron. This increases healing and detoxification. Barley Green, juice is an excellent source of enzymes and is high in chlorophyll. Wheat grass is less convenient and less tolerable in flavor, but an excellent source of chlorophyll and trace minerals. Wheat grass, barley juice and spirulina have unknown medicinal healing qualities yet to be discovered. 

Colon Cleansers

There are some very effective products in cleansing the colon. Phylum husk, which is the base for most colon cleansers, is very useful, turns into a soft gel when water is added. It neutralizes toxins and fermentation in the colon during fasting, passing it harmlessly through the body. Phylum husk is not needed in a raw food program because of the abundant soft fibers in fruit. However, there are various herbal blends designed for the recovery and healing of the intestines. I have also found Juice Plus can act as a great colon cleanser resulting in soft, spongy stools. 


These are naturally present in fruits and vegetables. The most commonly known are vitamins C, E and beta-carotene. Flavonoids have been recently discovered as a powerful antioxidant, neutralizing damaging free radicals. They are naturally present in vegetables and fruits. One of the most powerful flavonoids is proanthocyanidins. The leading source is found in pine bark and extracts from grape seeds, grape seeds being the best. The proanthocyanidins and gallicesters, which are found only in grape seed extract, enhance the power of vitamins C and E, strengthen capillaries, enhance circulation, improve eyesight, restore skin elasticity and softness and block blood platelet and LDL oxidation. At the turn of the century, Johanna Brandt, in the revolutionary book, The Grape Cure, wrote "grapes seem to ferret out the most deep-seated cause of trouble and drive it from the system." 

Aloe Vera

Most Aloe Vera products on the market are useless because they have been pasteurized. Look for whole-leaf, cold-processed. Aloe Vera is excellent for the healing of digestive and intestinal problems and has been successful in treating colitis and Crone's disease.

These are only a very few examples of countless supplements on the market today. You may have a specific health problem that can be aided by a supplement. Finding a trusted naturopath

A naturopath can be invaluable, but please be discerning. The health industry has been taken over by the New Age movement. They take a holistic approach, make no division between the physical and spiritual condition. It can be deceiving because there is truth to this. If all possible, find a Christian naturopath who will not assume to guide you down questionable spiritual paths.

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Very helpful!
This is perhaps the stupidest line ever written on the Internet: "Wheat grass, barley juice and spirulina have unknown medicinal healing qualities yet to be discovered." What a load of nonsense.
Hermione Hairpie
I have been trying to fast for sometime now, I know I need to closer walk with God. So I have decided to Start my 40 days juice fast today 7/26/2012.
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