Fasting Testimonies

By: Ron Lagerquist

If you are fasting alone, or are receiving persecution rather than encouragement from family or friends, then come here and read the wonderful stories of others like yourself, journeying down fasting’s oftentimes lonely path. They make nourishing food for a soul hungry for assurance. Here you will find testimonies of lives touched and changed, tiny peeks into a cross-section of age and need. Each share one common message—fasting changes things

We would love to hear your fasting story. E-mail us at and tell us what God has done. We can add your voice as a source of encouragement for others who may be traveling down fastening’s solitary path.

How things change within you are as personal and unique as your own needs. But change will come, some subtle; others like a wrecking ball. The extent of change depends on how deep into the fasting state you are willing to enter.

Some fight fasting. It becomes a nuisance to the race of daily living. Others pull off to the side, stop running and catch a breath, take stock, see the direction they are speeding towards. There are those who fast for the sole purpose of losing weight. They often miss out and never deal with why they had a weight problem in the first place. They don’t enter within to find the root of their eating disorder.

Fasting is like driving a finely tuned racecar, abandoning caution and giving it all it’s worth, or nervously dawdling down the road, never experiencing the rush of radical change.

We encourage you to go for it, and God be with you. We would love to add your story to this great Hall of Fasting.

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