Fasting Tips: Avoid Needless Temptation

By: Ron Lagerquist

The smells and sight of food can be difficult during a fast. As you continue along the path of fasting, all five senses will increase in sensitivity. When the next door neighbor opens a jar of fresh peanut butter, you will know it. Every desire to draw closer to God will be obscured in peanuts. All you can imagine is the smooth, delicious flavors of peanut butter melting on freshly-browned toast.

During a fast, you will be surrounded with the hostile world of food, especially in a country that has become addicted to eating. Do all you can to separate yourself from temptations--the neon signs, commercials and the golden arches.

You will learn that you can live quite happily without food. God can supply all your needs emotionally for the trials and difficulties of the day. Caffeine, fat and sugar are crutches that we depend on to keep us moving when we feel emptiness. God will fill all emptiness if we are simply willing to give Him a chance.

Take a risk. Get hungry! Explore the emptiness of your own stomach. Of course, your children need to eat. Do your best to arrange a schedule where your spouse is able to do the cooking. This also can be an excellent situation for your children to experience a sense of responsibility in the home. You can plan meals for the next five, 20 or 30 days or however long you decide to fast. They may not want too, but once your family sees that your decision is firm and that this is important to you, they will support you. You are displaying a powerful example of seeking God that they will never forget.

When Tempted, Feast On His Word

Just think of all those lost hours of time spent on radio, television and newspapers. Well, during your fast make a diet adjustment. Fill that empty belly with His Word. Use every available means possible—tapes, books, videos, Christian television, but most of all, the Bible. I can tell you from personal experience, when I am tempted to eat, finding a quiet place and reading the Word for even a few minutes helps get my fast back on track. I actually feel less hungry.

But be careful, you might develop a renewed mind. You may begin to think differently. Behavior patterns may begin to surface that others will think fanatical. The Word will develop within you an irrepressible enthusiasm that, you can do all things in Christ who is your strength, and you are the righteousness of God. You might have the nerve even to think that the only difference between you and the apostle Paul is that he didn’t have a cordless phone. In your spare time, you may start a new hobby, like casting out demons or healing the sick.

We are not ignorant of the power of media to change peoples’ thinking. Can you imagine the power the creative Words of God will have on your thinking if you begin to fill yourself with His spiritual food.

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temptation has hit during my fast however i came across this sight and i am filled with the Lords guidance and word and power. Thank you so much
zandile moyana
I LOVE this site! God has used it to be a tremendous blessing to me for years now . Extremely encouraging when I want to give into the flesh and quit my fast but Freedom You has been a reminder to keep Christ Jesus as my "Prize." And He's so worth it. Thanks so much, Freedom You!!!
This is an amazing site. I have been tremendously blessed and encouraged. It is great to know that fasting, such a powerful spiritual weapon can be made popular again in our days. May the Lord bless your efforts more and more.
I fasted for 30 days in my 20s, but it was not a healthy fast in that I smoked cigarettes then. Now I am starting a fast having quit those 11 years ago, alcohol and pot 7 years ago, and caffeine last December, so I am coming from a healthier place this time. I am trying to get rid of interstitial cystitis which hit two weeks ago after eating mostly fruit for 2 months. The acid ate into my bladder. I feel better even on day one! Thanks for your site. It is truly inspirational! I just published a book of spiritual poetry on Amazon - glory be to God! I think with all I've read here, you'd like it. Meditation is a biggie.
Sheri Lee Southern
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