Fasting Tips: Get Alone With God

By: Ron Lagerquist

Fasting and solitude have always gone hand in hand. Jesus was led by the Holy Spirit away from the crowds, into the desert. (Luke 5:15) What kind of man would King David have been if he had not spent countless lonely nights as a shepherd? Where the stars were his friends and the harp, a way of expressing his heart to God. It is in loneliness and the quietness of solitude that we learn friendship with Jesus. It does not matter how large a ministry you have, you need to get alone with God. Your ministry will survive without you--and if it doesn't, it was built on the wrong foundation, you not Christ!

Go For Walks Alone

Clouds, a breeze in the face, flowers, trees, sun, moon and stars. These are the expressions of God to you--His creation, and as you fast, your five senses will become sharp and clear, allowing the loveliness of God in all that He has made, to impact your soul. Whether winter or summer, go for long walks with God. Invite Him to come with you. Experience the beauty of what He has made to. Feel the quality and vastness of His universe. Reach outward with your soul, embracing God through what He has made.

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Ótimo site!
This is the best advice on beginning a fast, I experienced pure sabotage from my boss who accused me of taking appetite suppressants to accusing me of eating in my car. I thought back to this when you said the fast is only between me and god. I will be quiet and never tell anyone again the devil is out there folks he uses others I've experienced this first hand God Bless you 😊
ms caery
Great website. Love your passion for the Lord. I was so blessed during my first fast years ago when I used your website as my main reference. Having trouble getting used to this new site but am sure it will work out. Doing another 30 day fast. I tried to rate 5 stars but it looks like it only picked up 4.5 so not sure what I did wrong.
Thanks very much for all the points in this article, very much appreciated. Gave me a new understanding of how to fast and the focus on meditating on God's word. God Bless You!
this is the best always wondered about fasting thank u,think it will be very good for me 10.10 is my
thank you for this advice very lucid and encouraging
Thanks for all this info. I'm hoping to spend more time fasting and getting closer to God.
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