Fasting To Break Addictions Testimonies

By: Ron Lagerquist

Fasting cuts away superficiality, getting down to the bone of living. Effective, due to its ability to strip away the props we have become so dependent on to get us through the day. The large coffee double-double, cinnamon Danish, ball game, Budweiser, nacho’s, cigarettes, sitcoms, hours upon squandered hours, and for some, drugs, pornography, overeating and alcoholism. When these props are removed, what remain are the spiritual resources within. If they are bankrupt then during fasting you will come face to face with a profound emptiness only God can fill. It is this very emptiness so many run from or try to offset with material things. Yet this is doomed to failure for we are created spiritual beings, with spiritual longing.
Fasting accomplishes two purposes. First, it will reveal how much the flesh has taken control of emotions, and secondly, it will serve in breaking the flesh’s hold on the will. 
Oh no my dear, I am not like those others, I'm not addicted to anything—until you attempt a fast.
Those who think you live autonomously in this world, fasting is a perfect immunity test, often a rude awakening of how toxic your daily requirements have become. What makes your world go around? Addiction is anything that controls you, and whether it’s food, pornography, coffee, TV or heroin, it taints independence and freedom.

Read these powerful testimonies of those who had the courage to face their addictions head on, and overcome them. If they can do it, so can you!

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