Fasting to Overcome Compulsive Eating

Fasting Testimony By Jim D.

“I arrived home Sunday evening feeling bloated and depressed; ashamed of myself for over-indulging.”

I made the decision to start a fast after a weekend eating binge at my mother's house. I love my mother, but she has a way of pushing food. She cooks the old-fashioned way, with plenty of red meat and potatoes, desserts, the whole works. I attribute mom's “food pushing" to her growing up with three sisters during the Great Depression. My grandfather was out of work for a long time and maybe there just wasn't enough to eat in their house.

When we visit my mother she is always obsessing on about what we're going to eat. She even writes out her menus in advance and reads them to me over the phone. I've told her many times that we don't care, but you know how it is.

Whatever the reason, mom equates food with love so as a result my brother, sister and I were loved into obesity. As adults we are all still obese. I am 5'9" tall and weigh 240 pounds, topping the scales at 260 pounds. This resulted in high blood pressure causing my doctor to want to put me on medication. Instead, I began exercising and watched what I ate. I lost 25 pounds, which lowered my BP enough to avoid medication. But the weight slowly crept back on.

In the past, I've had trouble resisting the rich spread Mom would set before her family. This time was no different. Even though I had been on the South Beach Diet for a couple months and lost 18 pounds, those old comfort feelings of mom’s supper table were still there, and resistance was futile. Candy, ice cream, cake, roast beef and many other foods we don't eat at home, all beckoned, and I answered their call.

I arrived home Sunday evening feeling bloated and depressed: ashamed of myself for over-indulging. I had enough. Seemingly on the spur of the moment I decided to start a water fast the next day. My decision was not made on a whim. I have tried fasting several times before and never even made it through the first day. I recently had begun praying for guidance and came to the conclusion that fasting was something I needed to do for both my body and spirit. So this fast would have twin aims: to lose weight and to better connect with God.

I sailed through the first couple of days when hunger pangs were at their worst. It felt like God was sustaining me. The prolonged absence from food enabled me to make a life-changing breakthrough. I will never forget day 9 of my water fast, that is when my food addiction died.

It all started in the early morning with a strange dream.

I was standing at the top of a staircase looking down into a dark basement. I could hear someone crying down there. At first I thought it was my daughter, but then realized it wasn’t. Someone started coming up the stairs. It was a girl I had ever seen before, just an average-looking girl with longish dark hair. When she reached the top of the stairs she embraced me, looked in my eyes, and then died in my arms.

Upon awakening, I had a clear understanding of what that strange dream meant. The girl represented my pathological relationship with food, and the basement was my subconscious. She crawled out of whatever hole in my soul she had occupied for so many years, and she reassured me that everything was ok and then she left me. I knew that this was a life changing moment.

I started the fast at 223 pounds, and the morning of the dream weighed in at 207, 16 pounds in eight days, and the lightest I've been in decades. I'm confident that not only will I continue to lose weight (my long-term goal is to get to 175 pounds) but that I can keep it off having rid myself of a lifelong food addiction that began as a little child.

Ron Lagerquist

Something happens to that barrier that separates the conscious and subconscious during fasting. Many people have shared having very meaningful dreams deep into their fast that revealed important keys to understanding themselves better. We should not be surprised at this; the bible says that in the last days “men will dream dreams.” (Joel 2:28) 

I wonder if it is simply that fasting quiets the external senses enough so the inner senses can be brought to the fore and for the first time in years we regain connection to our spiritual self, and more importantly to our connection to God. Great story Jim, thanks for sharing.

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I am levitating at this very moment in the ocean talking to the fish. Fast and keep away from firing your waskelly weasel as it will make you too tired which will cause you to want to eat. Also avoid the social media and Internet it is just lazy activity that inspires stress and then eating.
really amazing about your dream..gave me chills!
As I go through my own fast for those exact same reasons, I am assured God led me to this story for a reason,. Just awesome!!!!!
Awesome story! As a child, I was always forced to eat a lot, even if I wasn't hungry. In addition to my loneliness, this contributed to my development of BED. I want to start my water fast tomorrow (:
Beautiful.This is My first day of water Fasting ,But I'm no stranger to it .This has given me a new strength to go on.I Need This ,I'm worth it!
the same thing is happening to me. i've been a lifetime sufferer of BED. i never dreamed fasting for extended periods of time would result in the death of my addiction to food. it's like i want to shout it on the rooftops - but no one believes me! the internet is riddle with people warning against this behavior - insisting the body will enter starvation mode or you will develop an eating disorder. i will tell you, my whole life has been a haze seen through the eyes of an eating disorder and only through fasting am i finally beginning to see things clearly. if you have never done this before, or you are afraid to, YOU CAN DO IT! pray to God for guidance and he will help you through. it's truly a miracle...i can't say that enough.
Your message reminds me of myself so much. You have given me the push I need to take the time and water fast so I too can receive a breakthrough.
Very motivating
This is a wonderful and for me poignant story - I too am suffering from occasional binge eating, mainly on milk chocolate, cookies and cheap reduced priced sandwiches - yes I still maintain some standards as I grudge paying full price for cheap supermarket sandwiches - however it is getting out of hand and even though I know it is detrimental to my health I still continue to indulge - my life is a bit of a mess; all I want is to deeply connect with someone but my stupid ego and mind prevents me from doing so - ironically I support - a life extension foundation whose main aim is to put an end to disease through advanced biomedical interventions - I recommend you look them up! I too think I will benefit from fasting and may even begin one tomorrow - I am also considering ayahuasca as a spiritual healing tool but have yet to make plans to that end. Thanks again for your story! :-)
Very encouraging story
Hi Jim I want to tell you that I was very impressed with your testimony, I have the same thing happen to me all the time. maybe it is time for me to geet into the fasting mode as well and see if breaks that addiction that I have to food as well, thank you for sharing this wonderful story and your success will continue and your goal is almost there keep up the good work
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