Fat-Related Disease

By: Ron Lagerquist

The following diseases could be dramatically improved or eliminated by switching your diet from unhealthy saturated/trans-fats to fats rich in omega 3’s and 6’s fatty acids.


Another disease which we have come to expect with old age is arthritis. The joints become stiff and sore, sometimes to the point where anti-inflammatory drugs are needed. Many health authorities do not think that there is a link between diet and arthritis, but there is evidence to the contrary. The Wyane State University Medical School put six rheumatoid arthritis sufferers on a fat-free diet. In seven weeks all the symptoms of the disease were gone.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

The British Medical Journal reported on a 38 year-old woman who had been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis for 11 years. Four months after her doctor had removed all dairy products from her diet, her arthritic symptoms disappeared. She remained this way until, in the interest of science, she went back to eating dairy products. Within a day her joints became swollen and painful. When she returned to her abstinence of dairy products, these symptoms disappeared.

It is quite possible that animal products lead to arthritis because fat and cholesterol coat the lining of the blood vessels leading to joint tissues. Nodes which are composed of cholesterol are often found near arthritic joints. Arthritis sufferers tend to have high blood cholesterol levels.


Gallstones are made up of hardened cholesterol. Diets high in fat, cholesterol, and low in fiber lead to incidences of more gallstones. More fiber leads to fewer gallstones. It is believed that the fiber binds the cholesterol in the colon and helps it to exit out of the system.

Skin Problems

Acne, blackheads, and white heads are other examples of fatty degeneration. Sticky, thick, saturated fats and trans-fatty acids clog the narrow pores and cause infection and pimples. It would seem as if pores are designed for only the fluid like quality of the essential fatty acids.


Diabetes is the sixth leading cause of death. The Lancet reported on the study of diet in relation to diabetes. Dr. Inder Singh put 80 diabetic patients on a very low fat diet without any sugar. After six weeks, 60% of the patients no longer needed insulin. Diabetics create insulin, but high levels of fat in the blood cause insulin to malfunction. Reduce the saturated fat and the insulin can do its work. Dr. David Snowden summarized a report on 25,000 people over 21 years of age. In this study we looked at various levels of meat consumption, and as those levels got lower and lower, the risk of diabetes also decreased.

Multiple Sclerosis

This disease gradually attacks the brain, spinal cord, and the central nervous system. Within ten years of the first attack, most MS patients will be permanently disabled. Dr. Roy Swank, head of the Department of Neurology at the University of Oregon, tried treating incurable MS patients with a low-fat, low-protein diet. They were also given vitamins A, C, D, and B-complex. The results were astounding. Of the 146 patients on the diet, 90% of those in the early stages of MS stopped the disease-process and improved over a twenty-year period.


The University Hospital in Linkoping, Sweden, put Asthma sufferers on a vegetarian diet. Before the test, their condition was so severe that they needed cortisone or other types of powerful medication. After the test, medication dosages dropped an average of 50 to 90 percent. Some stopped taking the pills altogether.

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