Gods of Science

By: Ron Lagerquist

"Science takes no responsibility because the pursuit of knowledge is perceived to be above morality."

Modern science is not an objective system unto itself. It is an extension of man's endeavors and pursuits of knowledge. For science to be a pure system, it is essential that man separate himself from his own subjective emotions, imaginations and intuitions—in essence becoming the indifferent observer. Yet, the first step science must take is a blind leap of faith, believing that man has the ability to objectively reflect on his outside experiences. Without such faith, science is a dog chasing its tail, using reason to prove its ability to reason objectively.

Science is not perceived as being a reflection of morality, but above morality. The thought, is that pursuing knowledge is neither immoral nor moral.

"How can we stand in the light of discovery and not act? Oh, what is so great about discovery? It is a violent, penetrative act that scars what it explores. What you call discovery, I call the rape of the natural world."

Jurassic Park

It is impossible for man to separate his objective reasoning from the motives in the heart. (Luke 6:44, 45) It is not the pure pursuit of knowledge that is evidenced in technology but a selfish greed that disregards the health of man and nature. Science is blindly driven by men drunk on self–importance. So preoccupied as to whether they could do it, they never stop to think whether they should, taking no responsibility because the pursuit of knowledge is perceived to be above morality.(Eph 4:18) God–like arrogance has shaped the development of world culture, religion, morality, values, economy, food–production, ecology, medicine, health, genetic manipulation, communication and the power to stimulate through music and media, the potential for world–wide destruction, and the ability to provide a technology that would allow a few to be able to control the flow of an entire world.

Pure science ought to be an expression of worship to the Creator. Laboratories becoming Holy shrines, reverently undressing the eternal secrets of God's character. Revealing perfect balance, intricate order, geometrical shapes, colors and hues of light. Hidden from the naked eye, billions of microscopic living organisms move with great purpose. Looking through a microscope, only to discover an eternal, unfathomable precipice that causes us to fall upon our faces in humility and awe. Our telescopes reach the heavens embracing millions of invisible stars. Galaxies and solar systems, universes within universes. We look into our telescopes and stand at the precipice of an unfathomable eternity and fall upon our faces in humility and awe. From eternal to eternal, from everlasting to everlasting, I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End (Rev 21:6). His character in microbe and star. Filled with order—creation wrapped in the eternal security of His loving embrace. All to impact man's heart, inspiring him to create endless songs of praise and worship.

Creation is a love letter to man. The quiet caress of a summer's breeze upon the cheek reveals His tender love. The raging chaos of wind and thunder speak of His mighty power. The universe is His church, the stars His steeple. He runs naked amongst the forests, mountains and valleys. He is not a tame God, He is a Wild God. A God of sea and ocean. A God of jungle and rain forest. His passing awakens the birds to sing. Molecules and stars pulse at the beating of His heart.

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"Science is blindly driven by men drunk on self–importance" - The author is obviously not talking about scientists who do the work - possibly the politicians and capitalists who fund the work? I would not classify a talented scientist toiling in the laboratory or in front of a computer screen to make life better for others as drunk with self importance. That scientist is pursuing his/her own muse and scratch out a living for herself and make the world a better place. Longer and better life, fewer hungy and less disease is generally the intended outcome - when her work is used otherwise, point to the politicians we elect......but ultimately to ourselves.
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