Guilt and Shame Turned Into Joy

Fasting Testimony By Becky Vance

“As each day went by my past became further away and the pain, guilt and shame had gone away completely.”

About three years ago I was talking with some friends from church that had just finished a 40 day fast and I was very impressed and curious as to how it was done. They gave me a copy of a book called" The Fasting Feast." I looked through it and was inspired but didn't have the deep convictions needed to begin one. In May of 2006, I had moved to a point of in my life of rebellion against God and my own value system. I met a man that was not a Christian and fell knee deep into trouble. I began drinking like a fish and finally became pregnant. There was so much guilt and shame that I stopped going to church. Along with what I already felt about myself I didn't want to be accused of being a hypocrite. By December I was in such a depressive state and I just couldn't snap out of it. I had a miscarriage in August that almost took my life, and by December I was knee deep in debt from hospital bills that I had no way of paying. Being a single mother of three children on top of everything else really took its toll. I have always been considered a very strong person. I even gave birth to my children at home with no drugs.

Things were so bad that I figured it wouldn't hurt to try fasting. I set my mind on three days, but by the third day I decided to go seven days. By the seventh day I was feeling so good that I decided that I would go as long as I could. By the second week I had received a letter in the mail that my hospital bill had been written off. ($6655.00)

As each day went by my past became further away and the pain, guilt and shame had gone away completely. There were so many good things happening and so many prayers being answered that I never wanted to eat again. I felt like I was with God and on a completely different plain. I had more patience then I have ever had with my children, was happier than I have ever been in my entire life and I had a clear conscience before God and man. 

By the time I was through with the fast I had gone 25 days and lost 24 much needed pounds. Today I am on my ninth day of a fast I have been meaning to start for the last year. Finally I have started and set a 40 day goal. I have learned how to listen to my body. By the end of this fast I will have a new outlook on my life that has gone stale because of selfishness. There is no greater satisfaction then when giving up the will to the Lords. I hope that this testimony will touch at least one soul. The most important thing I have learned is that God never gave up on me like, even though I was convinced He had. By surrendering to him through fasting He was able to show me how much love He has for me because I was quiet enough to listen.

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Hearing this is such a blessing!! I'm going to fast! I'm excited for how God is going to use me!!!
I am still ashamed because I grossly backslid from away from my Father God. I am going begin a 40 day Fast soon and I realize that I must also fast from TV. Thank you for your testimony!
B.A. Keith
Thank you so much for this! I believe I'm ready to go deeper into Christ. I want more, I want to do more for the kingdom and help bring forth change into people's lives, and see His love set them free!
Ur testomony is very touching i myself have been n a similar situation when i met a man who was not of god had a child by him stop goin to church my whole life went downhill until i got rid of him. I am currently in church i have been the past 7 yrs i fall alot but i cont to get back up im trying still but god is still there for me hes kept me thru 2 wrecks n still answers my prayers.
maria alexander
thanks for your testimonies it is truly encouraging and gives me hope in knowing that our God honor our time of fasting and prayer with answers
that story is powerful than you it has made me feel i have a chance for his forgiveness from my shameful past.thank you
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