Healed of a Brain Tumor With The Help of Juice Fasting

Fasting Testimony By Deaunna Evans

"My doctor seemed puzzled when he received the results of my latest MRI. There was no sign of a brain tumor."

Healed of a Brain Tumor With The Help of Juice FastingFinally years of reckless living caught up with me. In December of 1989 I was diagnosed with a brain tumor (meningeoma). The doctor said it was a large size and that I could have had it for the last 15 years or more. This explained several of my health problems, so onto the operating table I went. 

The first operation was considered “successful”; however part of the tumor was located in a place where they were unable to get to without doing brain damage. Now I had a partial inoperable brain tumor.

 The first time a really considered any form of alternative medicine was in two years later when my father introduced me to an all-natural herbal formula that gave me energy and curbed appetite. I was amazed at the positive effects these herbs had on me so I began reading up on vitamins and herbs. While not yet educated in true natural healing, the doctors convinced me that a second operation was necessary as the tumor had grown back. So back to the operating table I went. I was told after the surgery is all they could do from here on was “watch it”. I was completely exasperated; Craniotomies are no walk in the park. 

It wasn’t until my dad introduced me to colon cleansing in 1998 that I really began to understand the whole idea of natural healing. I learned that I needed to clean the toxins from my body so the immune system could do its job. I also learned that natural healing starts at the dinner table, fasting often, and having a clean colon.

I read over and over that there are no incurable diseases, but to be honest with you, I was sure that that these writers had never had an inoperable brain tumor. But I did decide to do everything I could to improve my health, starting with juice fasting. I’ll admit that it took me two years to get up the courage to do my first 3 day juice fast. Well the big surprise was I didn’t starve to death. After that first cleanse I felt my confidence level rise and I began to get serious about cleansing which required 5 days of juice fasting and implementing an array of healthy lifestyle changes.

The result was the following. In February 1997 an MRI measured my tumor to be 2cm X 3cm X 1cm. Two years later in 1999 there was no change in its size. In February 2003, my doctor seemed puzzled when he received the results of my latest MRI. There was no sign of a brain tumor. Gone! Zero! Ziltz! For the first time in 29 years I did not have a brain tumor!

 And that’s not all. I have experienced many health bonuses along the way. I finally won a four-year fight against a reoccurring yeast infection. My suffering with Herpes Simplex has all but vanished. While most of my friends are on Prozac, having hysterectomies, crying with migraines or dying of cancer, I’m now enjoying life without any health problems at all. To top it all off, my periods come and go quietly. 

My undeniable changes in health have affected my whole family. When my children get sick, I calmly go to the vegetable basket for a clove of garlic instead of packing them off to the doctor’s office, exposing them to who knows what kind of germs and harmful drugs. Most of the time they get well in two or three days. Other than for vaccinations and a broken arm, my children have been to the doctor only once in the last 5 years.

 How thankful I am that God lead me to find wisdom and great treasures of knowledge in natural healing! Today, I am riding my bicycle 7 miles a day, 4-5 days a week, and not fainting from seizures! The destroying angel of disease did indeed pass me by!

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Benedict George
Excelllent . I am suffering the same disease and after reading this testimony my soul, heart and mind changed I hope you are doing great
Very interesting testimony. I suffer the same tumor and this article gave me hope
Hi inspired by your story I ask to get help in guiding my strong willed gratefully healthy at this time boyfriend... Yet I would love to completely heal him from his medical anguish of dealing with this condition all natural. THANK YOU, A LOVING GIRLFRIEND
Very inspiring article. I was diagnosed with brain adenoma recently and would like to try the program that the author of the article mentioned. i would appreciate if you could email it to me.
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Hi, can you email me your program, I was diagnose of brain tumor. Thank you,
Thank uou ! So encouraging! Could you please email me exactly your program. I was just diagnosed with a brain tumor.,between my optic nerves. I would like to begin, not sure what juice or how much, etc. Thank you
Excellent article. I have gone through the same thing you have and i have a so called incurable brain stem tumor and had 2 Brain Surgeries for problems surrounding this. i returned to my old ways of no medication, juice cleansing and organic eating as well as using a Venta Airwasher to purify and humidify the air using only water and the results have been amazing. I no longer will take in the toxins of Medical Tests as my health is coming back after years of struggle. Thank you for your words of wisdom and positive reassurance.
aaron b
Very inspiring. My husband is diagnosed with acoustic neuroma. Please is there any way we can contact her how she did it. Would appreciate your help. Van
Very much inspiring to read this testimony. I am diagnosed with Vestibular Cochlear Schwannoma 9mm x 4.6mm x 4.7mm. Can u pls help me to get in touch with the person to more about
Hi, A very close friend of mine is suffering from a brain tumor. Please would like to know what she did exactly. Please kindly get in touch with me in this email address. Thanks once again. -Santosh-
Santosh Murthy
I would really love to get intouch with this person very urgent please this article is great I need ur advise
sofia Gayle
this article is very inspiring for someone with the exact same problem. i have been diagnose with a partly inoperable meningioma a bit more than a year ago. i would so love it if you could put me in touch with ms. deuanna evans - perhaps she would spare a moment to share with me what did she do exactly. i would really appreciate it. my NS is recommending a surgery to remove part of the tumor ASAP, but it is a very risky one due to the location....i would try anything to escape the scalpel. i will greatly appreciate your help. virginia.vilkas@gmail.com
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