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Fasting and healingDuring a fast there may be some question of what caused the healing. Was it the natural outcome of flooding each cell with nutrient-rich juices while at the same time, the body given the opportunity to detoxify and cannibalize on unhealthy tissue? Or was it a direct act of God? I think the answer is a simple one. Whether the miracle of fasting or divine intervention, all healing comes from the Healer. His timing is perfect, and He is in control of all things. Think of fasting as raised hands toward heaven, opening flesh and spirit to the healing power of the Holy Spirit.

Restored Spinal Flexibility

"Specialists had told me that full flexibility could not be restored to the spine, but after five days of fasting I could bend from my waist."

I was carnivorous in my eating; my diet was mostly fried or grilled meats. My favorite delicacy was the beef fat around the steak after it is fried crispy. This diet continued with its monthly cold, anemia, and various related health problems that are considered "normal"—such as a hysterectomy at the age of 24. Fortunately, I began reducing my milk drinking, heavy salt use, white bread consumption, and began eating a few vegetables. At first I could only tolerate a very small token piece of green pepper or broccoli. Eventually, the pieces kept getting bigger until I was eating a whole piece.

One of the most pernicious habits I had was always keeping a bowl of candy within 10 feet of hand to mouth. As my diet improved, I discovered I did not need the lift from sugar. Together with my husband, we searched for a better diet and experimented with the Rotation Diet, Pritikin Diet, and Macrobiotics. None of these diets worked for us. Then we read Fit for Life in 1988. By adhering fairly strictly to Fit for Life principles, I lost 40 lbs. in eight months.

The improved diet increased overall energy, and led me to engage in a 12-day water fast. On the third day of the fast, I stopped sleeping for five days and nights. This was the body correcting an industrial accident that injured my tailbone ten years earlier. Specialists had told me that " full flexibility could not be restored to the spine," but after five days of fasting I could bend from my waist. Since I broke that fast, I have lived a hygienic-vegetarian diet for the last five years. I just water fasted for 13 days without any noticeable negative symptoms, a good indication of my healthy diet.

Healing and Better Health

"My doctor told me I had a stomach reflex disease and would have to take pills for the rest of my life. But after the fast I was completely healed."

My fast was not for physical appearance but to pray for those I loved. There were people suffering in our church and in my home. Even before the fast I felt satanic opposition. But I broke through and began praying for my church and witnessed the power of the Lord move in our Pastor on the Friday night service. The service was on fire, people were singing praises to God in real freedom. Two young boys got baptized.

By the third day if felt terrific. Although my four children can be very loud I was still at peace, nothing seemed to bother me. As the fast progressed it became easier and I had more energy, I was on a spiritual high, singing and rejoicing. One day I went through a dip and felt low in spirit but that was it, the next day I was fine.

At the end of the 17 day fast, a number of physical problems disappeared. My doctor had told me I had a stomach reflex disease and would have to take pills for the rest of my life. But after the fast I was completely healed. I has arthritis in my left knee, it was also gone. I lost 21 pounds of  excess fat. Before fasting, my skin was very dry -- it cleared up.

Fasting is a way of drawing me closer to God and being able to lean on him. When I was weak he made me strong.

Healed and Improved Energy


"My digestive system has healed and my arthritis is slowly improving."

I am 54 years old, a United Church pastor, and very skeptical about fad diets. I would not have changed my eating except I was suffering from rheumatoid arthritis in my hands, had back pain and constant digestive problems which sapped my vitality -- not to mention middle age spread. These were my incentives to make changes in my eating habits.

The author of Fasting To Freedom came to my church one day and talked to me about fasting. I was intrigued but noncommittal, although I found his enthusiasm and sincerity infectious. He frequently spoke to me about the importance of nutrition and fasting. Other friends had already mentioned that my ailments were toxin induced. I had read Fit for Life by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond. The book gave a believable and scientific context for the claims made by nutritionists and made a convincing argument for the benefits of dietary change. I was convinced of the possible benefits. I bought a juicer, filled the refrigerator with fruits and vegetables, and started to eat according to the principles I understood. I stopped mixing carbohydrates and proteins in the same meal to reduce the stress on my digestive system. In the mornings I made fresh fruit juices and ate fruit till noon. Not only did I eat more selectively of nutritious foods, I gave up the coffee habit.

These simple dietary changes have given me wonderful dividends in health and vitality. I lost 12 pounds of weight without even trying. My digestive system has healed and my arthritis is slowly improving. I feel better and more energetic without the need for the caffeine crutch.

My increased vitality was brought home to me one morning after a nearly sleepless night as an on-call chaplain in our local hospital. Normally, I would have been exhausted, but instead I had an energetic and fulfilling day.

Fasting and Detoxification


"Since age 14, I have always had acute sinus problems, and would stop sinus pain with aspirin and codeine."

I started searching for the best diet to ensure high-level wellness. I traveled up many blind alleys before finding natural hygiene. When I discovered Fit for Life, I lost 40 lbs. I tried several short fasts but always went out of control about day five and and broke them. I then decided that there was no option except to have a minimum 14-day supervised water fast. My main concern was that my left bicep felt like a bag of marbles. From day three of the fast ‘til day five, my left arm was in excruciating pain, but on day six the muscles relaxed and pain subsided.

Since age 14, I have always had acute sinus problems, and would stop sinus pain with aspirin and codeine. This is the only drug of significance I have abused except for nicotine and caffeine, but I can still taste aspirin when I fast, indicating the cells are releasing this chemical garbage. Since that time, my only health concern has been small, weeping ulcers on my left arm and shoulder, which shows me that toxins are still trying to get out that side of my body. I undertook 13 days of water fasting, preceded by three days of juice to lower my toxic load. The sores have closed up. I was very gratified to note no other pain or crises, which proved to me that I have obtained a high level of wellness. It will be a very happy day for me when I can fast free of symptoms because there is no waste to be removed.

God Still Heals


"After completing a 20 day fast, I am now on no prescription medications."

When I entered into this fast, I did so out of obedience to the Holy Spirit. It started out as mainly a healing fast because I clearly felt the Lord communicating to me that this healing would only come through fasting. I really had no idea how long this would be. After water fasting for 13 days I felt strongly that I wanted to continue.

When I started this fast I was taking 20 pills a day, including 4 different prescriptions. After completing a 20 day fast, I am now on no prescription medications. I have lost 25 pounds and no longer have swelling in my face, ankles or feet like before. I lost interest in television and have become much more productive in getting things done and not procrastinating, I've been a procrastinator all my life. Also I have lost my desire to gorge on food.

I was successful in ending my fast the right way, eating very small amounts of fruits and vegetables for 5 full days. I know my physical healing is not complete, but God has assured me that it will be an ongoing progress. He gave these two verses. "But I will restore health to you and heal your wounds," declares the Lord. Jeremiah 30:17 "I am the Lord that Healeth thee. Exodus 15:26.

I praise God for the experience of this fast and am looking forward to making fasting a regular part of my life. 

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Thank everyone for the Testimonies on here I'm doing a three day fast for my health as well as healing for other people as well. This three day dry fast is a healer and a way maker I believe it I recieve it the blood the blood the blood still works and Im be living God for every miracle. Amen AMEN AMEN
Fasting is a badly needed rest for the body. It is a well-kept secret for rejuvenation.
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