Healthy Change Will Be Painful

By: Ron Lagerquist

"I believe you can measure the importance of a change by the level of pain involved in accomplishing it."

Not only is the human machine constructed for vibrant health, but it can quickly respond to positive nutritional changes due to an innate ability to heal and detoxify. Your internal biological equipment is well made and ready to go, waiting for you to make the right nutritional choices. This brings us to a little dilemma. Humans are not computers, making choices according to available data. Unfortunately, our emotions can often get in the way of making healthy changes. The body’s ability to self-repair is useless if the human psyche is incapable of overcoming the emotional challenges associated with dietary change. Well, the good news is that regardless of your age, whether dysfunctional past, or failed countless diets, the power to make good choices is still within you.

But It’s Going To Hurt

I believe you can measure the importance of a change by the level of pain involved in accomplishing it. Think of decisions that changed the course of history. They all involved pain and often bloodshed. I remember the disturbing scene in The Passion of the Christ, where Jesus was doubled over in the Garden of Gethsemane agonizing about the cross. As Satan held his breath, the purpose of Jesus’ entire life and the fate of humanity teetered on a single prayer, “Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me.” If the prayer had ended there, it would have been curtains for civilization. But it did not end there: “Yet not my will, but yours be done." (Luke 22:42) In that moment, Jesus decided to fulfill His destiny as Savior of the world. This 2,000 year old choice opened a whole new opportunity of choices for the rest of us. Jesus went before us, defeating the power of sin and granting us the choice of freedom in every avenue of living.

Think of your genetic makeup as a limited spectrum of the colors. You are the Painter. With these pigments you could mix a blur of ugly depressing scenes filled with swirls, confusing grays and blotchy black. Or you can painstakingly compose a masterpiece, bright and lively. Your life is like this. We are not a byproduct of genetic fate or cultural conditioning, unless, of course we pack up the hopes and dreams which define us as unique, and give in to the status quo.

Potential begins in the invisible, grows into the perceptible, through faith in the impossible. Skeptics live small lives, moving wholly within the scope of what they can safely see before them. Believers venture into the unknown, making the hard investments that will pay off in the future. Believers see possibilities through their faith.

In the same way that faith defeats fearful thoughts, so too, faith can empower powerful change. There will be the temptation to entertain skeptical thoughts about your ability to take action on the information you are learning here. Don’t do that. Read with faith. Believe that God has created you with the capability to make hard choices. Though family and friends may not reinforce or support your decisions and you may run alone against all odds, there is only one person on this earth who has the power to prevent you from reaching your full potential—you.

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