Healthy Grocery List

By: Ron Lagerquist

Here is some great grocery list guidance for those who want to transition there diet toward healthy foods. I'm sure the neighbors will not mind receiving all your old processed, packaged, canned foods. Or even a better idea, give it all away to a local food bank.

Unpasteurized Honey Regular honey is heated up to 24 hours. Raw honey has a plant enzyme called amylase, concentrated from the pollen of flowers. It will assist in the digestion of starches such as bread.

Sucanat Dehydrated organic cane sugar. Full of vitamins and minerals. White sugar is highly-processed with all vitamins and minerals removed. Sucanat tastes like brown sugar except better. Found in health food stores. Excellent for cooking. Brown sugar is white sugar made sticky with molasses.

Frozen Pineapple Concentrate Excellent, healthy sweetener.

Fructose A fruit sugar that breaks down in the bowel without need for insulin. Released into the bloodstream more slowly than a complex carbohydrate. One-third sweeter than white sugar. Found in health food stores.

Cold-Pressed Oil It is vitally important to purchase cold-pressed, oxygen-free, light-free, dated and refrigerated in dark bottles. Found in health food stores. More expensive but worth every penny. Flax seed oil is the most common cold-pressed oil. It is high in essential fatty acids.

Sprout Bread Calorie-packed, highly-nutritious, slow-baked at low heat to keep enzymes intact. Often called Essene or Manna bread. Very delicious. Found in health food stores.

Nut Butters Must be refrigerated. It is best to make nut butter raw by using a champion juicer. Use in moderation. Most nut butters are made from roasted nuts, resulting in some transformed fatty acids.

Seaweed There are many different varieties of edible seaweed. High in vitamins and minerals, they are an excellent source of iodine and have 62 trace minerals. Nori sheets are an excellent example of a versatile and delicious alternative to bread. Dulse can be eaten right out of the package or ground in the coffee grinder for a seasoning. Found in health food stores.

Quinoa Complete protein. Best quality is ivory in color. Cheaper quinoa is darker and is grown locally.

Organic Oats Even though oats are crushed, the oil is kept fresh by natural antioxidants. Excellent source of digestible fiber.

Brown and Wild Rice Although the texture of white rice is pleasant, it is processed and useless. Brown rice is far more nutritious and has natural fiber. Short grain is the best.

Pasta There are many kinds of whole-grain, healthy pastas that can be found in your health food stores. Never eat white, glue-like, sticky, mucus-forming pasta.

Nutritional Yeast Packed with protein and B vitamins. Tastes like cheese. Found in health food stores.

Herbal teas A refreshing alternative to coffee.

Cider Vinegar Has potassium. Good blood cleanser.

Beans, Split Peas and Lentils High in protein, filling to the stomach with many colors, shapes and sizes. Great for veggie soups.

Tomato Paste Fat-free, sugar-free, salt-free and versatile.

Salsa Sauce Makes good salad dip or for spicing up an avocado or rice mixture.

Soya Products High protein, meat replacements. Tofu wieners, soy burgers, pig-free soy bacon bits, soy milk, textured vegetable protein (TVP). Buy tofu firmed with calcium phosphate.

Soya Sauce Look for low-salt, preservative-free.

Sun-Dried Sea Salt Healthy trace elements from the sea.

Jams and Jellies More expensive, awesome taste. Sweetened with natural fruit juice concentrates.

Simulated Chicken Base Buy quality. Usually found in health food stores. Excellent for flavoring just about anything.

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An interesting list. I'm vegan, so I wouldn't consume the honey or chicken base. As for the soy products..since there is conflicting information over how much you "should" eat, I'd minimize their consumption. And where are the vegetables? They are most certainly a huge part of a healthy diet. Anyway..this is the first time I am posting about anything, and I do like the rest of your site, so thank you. :)
Don't agree with all your choices here but I'm sure you'll get wherever you need to be. I find soy products very questionable due to GMO production. Other then that it's all good.
Kay Kalda
I thank you so very much for the Imformation.
Clarsey S.
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