Healthy Strawberry Recipe

By: Ron Lagerquist

A fairly healthy, not so bad desert recipe with philosophical overtones

Healthy Strawberry RecipeStatistically almost half of the people reading this article are ether on a weight loss program, wishing they were or have unhappily broken one. The rest of you just want a good strawberry recipe. Let’s just say you want to lose weight. From this day forth it is a catharsis of zero fat cottage cheese, carrot sticks and counting calories. Problem is that kind of restrictiveness only works for a small majority of people and is usually the result of desperation or good old fashioned purging.

Here is some strawberry sense. Forget trying to lose weight! Obviously trying to lose weight has not worked so why keep riding a broken bus. A very smart man with messy hair once said, “Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results is insanity”. Try something new. Don't birth yet another new defining moment or forced epiphany, making silly proclamations to everyone in ear shot, from this moment on . . . That is not what you need. Besides, it's not that easy. Sorry to tell you, it takes hard work, with time invested in educating yourself on healthy eating and living. It takes walking, no, stumbling up the hill of the emotional addictions to fat, sugar and salt. 

I've been doing this climb for 15 years and still stumble and fall. But hard work is paying off; I'm discovering the giddy heights of freedom, self-control and vibrant health. Defining moments come and are great interludes of inspiration but truthfully it is the sweat and blood struggle, daily fleshing out the emotional roots of overeating that finally wins the day. The payoff is worth the battle because if you win over a snickers bar, you can conquer the world.

Ok, so it’s long term, no more two week diet program that never ends because it never began. You are going to look at excess body fat as a symptom of a bigger problem. You are going to stop concentrating on weight loss and focus on health. You are going to learn how to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables and whole foods. And a few times a week you are going to have a fairly healthy, not so bad desert, like this wonderful strawberry recipe. You thought we would never get to it.

Strawberry Volcano

1 angel food cake
3 cups of vanilla yogurt
2 pounds of cut strawberries
light real whipped cream

Cut cake diagonally, spoon one cup of yogurt between layers, spoon other two cups on top of cake. Wash strawberries and cut into slices. Take the huge stack of cut strawberries and fill center of cake, piling on the top, burying the cake alive, allowing strawberries to spill over the sides. Cut into servings and add whipped cream.

Why can I call this a fairly healthy, not so bad recipe? Angel food cake is light and even though it has no fiber, strawberries are very high in fiber and we load them on. Yogurt is a milk product I can promote; learn to find a brand with the proper live cultures acidophilus and bifida. Light whipped cream is very low in calories and fat, mostly air. The healthiest part is everyone feels as if they have had a tasty desert, hence, fattening chocolate cake loses by default.

Final thoughts: eat loads of fresh fruit, vegetables, and whole foods. Get off the sofa and get active. In a month or so you will wake up, overflowing with energy like a Strawberry Volcano. Oh, and a nice byproduct is your body will get rid of all that unnecessary fat. Not a weight loss diet but a lifelong change. No quick fix or purging but establishing permanent transformation. And treat yourself once or twice a week with something sweet like our Strawberry recipe.

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