I Lost 100 Pounds

Fasting Testimony by Erika

Two years ago I weighed 252lbs. I was overweight, and alone, no connection to God whatsoever. I had a decent job but wasn't happy. The guys I dated were not what I needed and now looking back I see it wasn't real. My relationships were kind of "cooked up" in my head. Don't get me wrong, I was attractive and active, but basically fat and unhappy. 

I had been on every diet under the sun. You know what I mean. Eating only cabbage soup, Weight Watchers, pills, bananas and cottage cheese..... 
My best friend, (who weighed 200lbs) and I finally said, enough is enough. We are going to sit down and figure out how to lose this fat. I didn't know then that I was embarking on the greatest change of my 32 year life. 

To make a long story short, we talked long and hard about what it really was that we needed to incorporate and change in our lives. We decided we needed a spiritual influence; personally I always tended to steer away from "organized religion" and would look to the stars, numbers and other forms of enlightenment. This time (my girlfriend is a Christian) I thought, well the bible is pretty much the worlds #1 best seller; I will read it and form my own opinion. 

I have heard along the way that we can try to do things ourselves, but we end up failing. That is where God comes into the picture! With Jesus on your side, how can you fail? I never had a moment when the skies opened up and the angels sang, all perfect from here on out. It was more like 2 years of change, reflection, cycles, letting go and letting God in. I was able to lose over 100lbs. I became a much more relaxed person, not quick to react but more loving and forgiving. Looking back now, I know that it was a miracle. A miracle from God that I can now go through life and have the tools to be unafraid. 

I weigh 155lbs (um, the holiday's did a number on me) but no problem! I can lose that 10lbs, EASY! 
I have met a wonderful kind sincere man, the kind of man I have always dreamed about. I have inspired others to lose weight or even start praying more, which is far out! 

The diet plan we came up with was very simple. For 2 weeks (you can do anything for 2 weeks) day one juice fast (refer to Freedomyou fasting info). Day two, all fruit as much as you can stand! All raw and washed down with juice and water. Day three, all veggies as much as you want all day (side note, I ate any kind of dressing I wanted. I figured I didn't get 100lbs overweight by eating salad dressing. besides with all those veggies I needed a little treat!) Then it started over, fasting, fruit, veggies, fasting, fruit, veggies.....the weight falls off. 
The key is to pray when being tempted, to understand the habits of overeating, why you are overeating, why you are dying to eat something when you are full. 

Thank you Freedomyou.....you changed my life!

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very inspirational!
This story is so inspiring. I am 276 pounds and it is so strange to even see that number and know that is my weight. I do believe that I can do this but for what ever reason it has not happened yet. This testimony has really touched me, in a way, it is a message telling me that I can do it too.
I've been looking at the freedomyou website for years! I love the new website and have always been drawn to this testimony. I've always felt God has called to me to this type of fast. Please pray as I pursue God in this season of my life. Thanks again for sharing this story!
Thank you for this article and testimony. I have decided to begin a veggie/juice fast the week coming up. This fast is important to me because I want a closer connection to God. As well as I want to improve my health overall. I noticed that due to depression I have gained a tremendous amount of weight and there is swelling in my feet. I am taking back my spirt, mind, body and soul. Thank you for helping to inspire this next stage of my life!
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