Lost 25 Pounds Juice Fasting

Fasting Testimony By Angela

“I was overweight, and very addicted to caffeine, sugar and bread. Loved it all and ate it all, whenever I felt like it.”

Wow, I am on day 27 of a 30 day fast and praise God, I have not only lost over 25 pounds, I have never felt better. I have had no detox symptoms at all. Got a little sick to my stomach a few times, but that's it. I have more energy, mental clarity and dedication than ever before. I have not spent as much time with the Lord as I was hoping to, but I did pray every morning and evening as I prepared meals for my husband and four children. He gave me the courage, inspiration and self-control I desperately required. I am so proud of myself for actually listening to God and heeding His direction. I was overweight, and very addicted to caffeine, sugar and bread. Loved it all and I ate it all, whenever I felt like. Spent the last 20 years drinking beer and wine, sometimes excessively, eating stuff I knew was garbage and basically abusing my body. The Lord has shown me how to be strong, how to listen to Him and how to discipline my body to His will, not mine. It was difficult when I became very hungry, and I almost gave up. But I felt led to finish what I started, finish it now, not later, not next time, now. It feels like I can do anything and really stick to it. I am so grateful to God for His love, understanding and grace. Amazing!

I was encouraged by the testimonies I read hear and I would log on and re-read them several times so I didn’t feel so alone. There was very little support from my family and friends. They even where telling me I might die! (As they were drinking Coronas and eating nachos!)

I pray that anyone who reads this will be encouraged to do a fast, any fast, and feel the love and power of God as I have. I will tell you it’s not for the faint of heart, be prepared for an incredible journey and lots of negative feedback from people. My doctor actually would not supervise my fast and told me not to call if I had problems. He was not going to be responsible for my getting sick! Ha ha, I am still laughing at that one.

My fast consisted of some juices made from spinach, carrots, apples, garlic, pineapples, anything I could put in the juicer! I also consumed gallons of water and peppermint tea. I ate nothing at all, nothing. It was amazing how the body still works and thrives on a fast. Truly an experience I will not soon forget. I am already planning my next 3 day fast to usher in the summer!

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