Lost 40 pounds and Strengthened Immune System

Fasting Testimony By Damian

It has been over four months since my first water fast. The start of my new life began on December 4, 2005. I started a water fast that lasted 7 days. I am 6 foot 2.75 inches tall and weighed 287 pounds most of which I have carried for over 10 years or more. I am happy to say that during those 7 days I lost 15 pounds. Even after I started to consume food, the weight still seemed to just melt off for the next four weeks at about a pound a day, for a total weight loss of 40 lbs. Today is April 17, 2006 and I have not gained back one ounce. This past weekend I bought all new clothes, I was putting it off because I was unsure if the weight would come back or I would continue to lose more weight.

Also this was the worst cold and flu season ever. My wife and children contracted runny noses, coughs, flu, ear infections, bronchitis and kept infecting each other from the last week of November 2005 until the first week of April 2006, yet I did not catch as much as a single runny nose.

I have not had a backache, headache or one incident of heartburn. My wife has even mentioned that I do not snore as often. I’m not so quick to lose my breathe and my energy level is off-the-hook, so much so that I am able to keep up with my five and two year old sons all day. I used to need 8 to 10 hours sleep and would still feel tired, now, I feel well rested after only 6-7 hours of sleep. Thank you for helping me jump-start my life. 

Ron Lagerquist

A strengthened immune system, 40 pounds of body fat gone, a need for less sleep and better fitness, all well after the fast was over. Great testimony Damian, thanks.

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