Low Concentrated Vegetable Carbohydrates

By: Ron Lagerquist

For those of us who are trying to lose unwanted fat, there is no better food then vegetables. Packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, as well as bulking digestible and indigestible fiber, but low in sugar and generally low in starch and calories, veggies are the perfect carb food to sneak the pounds away. An entire head of broccoli has only 50 calories, zero fat and is an abundant source of indigestible fiber, which stimulates peristaltic action in the colon, helping us lose weight. The coarser fibers of vegetables aggressively clean the colon, ridding it of last night’s hamburger and fries. Veggies digest well with all foods, and adding them to heavy meals will encourage speedy passage through the digestive tract, reducing putrefaction and mucus. Adding a salad to a roast beast feast will reduce its toxic effect.

Vegetables are the most diverse food in the world, comprising of roots, stems, leaves, flowers or immature fruit. They demand mineral-rich soils and are our highest source of minerals, superior even to fruit. Like all living plants, vegetables contain protective compounds: antioxidants and undiscovered elements that maintain cell health. For example, a phytochemical in spinach is believed to increase cell membrane fluidity, allowing vital nutrients and chemical signals to pass in and out of the cell, which reduces inflammatory processes in tissues. This is just one example of the many benefits of vegetables. Remember, the vegetables with the deepest colors (e.g., dark green like spinach or the orange in carrots, yams and squash) have the highest nutrients and cancer-fighting antioxidants.

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