Mindless Random Process?

By: Ron Lagerquist

"What happens when the very first thing most of us learn is that the vibrant world around us is the result of a mindless process?"

When was the last time you heard of an explosion resulting in order? Biology takes the word “order” to another level. The order in nature and relationship between nutrients and human health is so complex and interdependent that one component out of place and the whole thing falls apart.

The intellectual will say, what an unqualified, typically mindless Christian riposte to a complex science. However, I have been in the education system for 21 years and have watched the very first introduction little children have to understanding the magical world around them defined by their teachers in terms of theories taught as fact. The Big Bang leading to complex order through mindless, random processes is a theory, and when they are being taught to North American children in full color animation as scientific fact, then who is unqualified, who is mindless?

Most children’s stories have some kind of moral purpose. This one has neither; it only fills a young mind with frightful feelings of meaninglessness well before undeveloped emotions understand what meaninglessness is. They find out quickly though. What happens when the very first thing most of us learn is that the inexplicability, vibrant world around us is simply the result of a mindless, random process? Talk about striping a child of any uniqueness, meaningfulness or objective right and wrong. The result is a lost generation marked by depression, record suicides, drugs, teen pregnancy and abortion. 

I really wonder if our intellectuals, our shepherds of thought, contemplate how their grand assumptions and theories have impacted our little children, weaker minds and ultimately influenced social behavior. I think organized religion with all its foibles will be proven to be the lesser of two evils.

At a young age, Genesis spoke to the dreamer, writer and outdoorsman within me. As I grew, public education—with its roots in secular humanism—and three years of liberal Bible College, whispered to the addict within, feeding a profound emptiness until nothing mattered, not even my own life. It has taken years to understand this, years to battle through layers of skepticism and unbelief, reeducating myself back into glorious child-like faith. Joy and simple curiosity has returned with more purpose than I know what to do with. Each day is a new discovery and deeper understanding of my Father in Whom I love and adore.

The flower, star, tiny cell and huge whale are either an act of God or a byproduct of chaos. Prime Mover or chaos, both lead to a transversely opposed self-awareness. This is worth a second look; after all, self-awareness is at the core of all human behavior.

Although science has tried hard to disprove Genesis, new scientific evidence is making it increasingly difficult for us to reject the first sentence of the Bible. He has gone out of His way to create a universe that is astoundingly ordered, a universe that forces us to ask the question, how did it all get hear? God’s complex creation begs the question of a Creator.

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