Moral Decay Of The USA

By: Ron Lagerquist

The sexual revolution has infiltrated every aspect of American society. A revolution that has been heralded by the twisted prophetic voice of Hollywood. A voice that is translated to different languages and is beamed by satellite to the entire planet.

America is a trendsetter, a moral, political and economic leader. Biblical standards regarding fornication, homosexuality, nudity and incest are being dismantled. Homosexuality, which was once considered an unnatural and abhorrent act, is now being taught in schools to our trusting little children as a viable lifestyle. Sex education promotes an if it feels right attitude, advocating masturbation and premarital sex as being healthy and normal.

Sexual pleasure, which is a channel to reinforce the love and commitment between a husband and wife, has become an instrument of self–pleasure. Masturbation is an atrocity to the body. You make love to your inner imaginations without cost or commitment. The hand is a sad training of sexual expression in the marriage bed. A man will go to his wife to elevate pent–up sexual desire instead of expressing passionate love toward her. The image of a man alone in his bed masturbating for sexual ecstasy is a perfect picture of the North American church today. Bless me Lord! Bless me Lord! We stand before the alters of our churches seeking after spiritual ecstasy with an unwillingness to go through the fires of suffering and holy commitment. We look to Christ, our Husband, to fulfill all our needs, yet we are unwilling to dress ourselves in the white robes of a separated obedient life. A harlot enjoying the blessings founded on the legacies of the Lincolns and Washingtons of her past.

Sigmund Freud believed that everything that we do is rooted in sexual desire. Looking at American culture, it would seem that he is right. The image of a car is accentuated with a delicious, sleek–figured, blond–haired woman in a tight white miniskirt. The underlying message is purchase this car and receive sexual fulfillment. Sex is the most powerful tool in advertising because it imprints a permanent image on the imagination. From sugarless gum to underarm deodorant, there is a subtle message of sexual freedom and fulfillment.

We are bombarded with sexual imagery. Television, theater, magazine–covers, signposts, billboards, romance novels and music continually stimulates the appetite for sexual desire, conditioning the patterns of thought. Manufacturing unhealthy sexual desires is to Satan's advantage because they produce triggers in the heart that he can push at will. We have become a sex–hungry society. It is an insatiable appetite, and we never get sick of it. The more we receive, the wider the bottomless pit of desire becomes.

Graduation night is an emotional time for parents. Their babies are growing up and entering into high school. With suits, ties, dresses and high heels, the children look so grown up. Walking onto the stage and receiving their diplomas, they see the pride in their parents' eyes. What a sense of anticipation for the future. After the presentation, the parents go home, leaving their children in the capable hands of the teachers. Let the party begin! The floor is cleared of chairs. The lights are turned down. And the music begins to throb. At first, the children are shy and uncomfortable being thrust into a powerful sexual environment. Yesterday, they were in jeans and tee shirts, riding their bikes and playing road hockey with their friends. But tonight, they are in high heels and tight miniskirts. The boys are looking at them differently. The teachers poke fun at them and chide them on to the dance floor. As the evening progresses, the music takes its intoxicating effect upon the young minds. Natural inhibitions fall as they begin to explore their sexuality. The lyrics of the songs pour into their minds with powerful imagery, She is my sex machine. My bed shakes and the earth quakes. Push, push, in the bush. Touch me, touch me, I want to feel your body pressed up against mine. Thirteen–year–old children's sexual desires being powerfully stimulated. That night they will leave the school with years of sexual awareness crammed into hours. Not sex in the context of a marriage commitment, but sex in the form of self–gratification. The experience of that evening created need. They will leave the dance sexually frustrated. It is the beginning of a path to destruction, compromising themselves in trying to feed an impossible appetite.

The more we feed the beast within, the hungrier it becomes until it devours our very soul, leaving nothing but a hollow echo of what God has created. This terrible depiction is a true story and occurring in schools throughout North America. Our youth are being robbed of a care–free childhood. They are force–fed images of sex until they can't live without it. Our public schools, which were once a place of prayer and moral values, have become the training camps for Satan's army.

Art and music reflect a nation's culture. Music is one of the most powerful mediums of communication. Rock bands have become gods to our children. Their music is filled with satanic, sexual, violent imagery to stimulate the mind, emotions and imagination. As caretakers of our impressionable children, we have allowed wicked, ungodly musicians to shape and mold the thinking of our youth. When children love and adore the Madonnas and Michael Jacksons who communicate the most vile, sick, twisted morality, we are provoking the judgment of God. And he took the children in his arms, put his hands on them and blessed them (Mark 10:16).

The average 12–year–old girl is sexually active. By 1988, one million births were recorded to unmarried women putting massive pressure on the welfare system. These children are raised in an impoverished environment, never experiencing the love and commitment between a father and a mother. Abortion has become an accepted form of birth control. The Supreme Court has made a ruling that the thing that is conceived through intercourse is not considered human prior to the fourth month and is, therefore, legally allowed to be killed. A place of safety, warmth and comfort, the womb has become a house of terror and murder for over 1.5 million children per year. A constitution that was established to protect the inalienable rights of all people has become useless and redundant because of its inability to protect the most innocent and vulnerable of American society.

The sexual revolution has resulted in a rampant plague of venereal disease, gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes and chamydia. Millions of people throughout the world are dying of AIDS. In a God–fearing country, these diseases would not exist.

It is said that the stability of a nation is built on the strength of the family. One half of all marriages in the USA end in tragic divorce. Children have become the innocent casualties of the war within the home. Television has become the official United States Day Care System. By the time a child reaches 12 years old, he will have witnessed 100,000 acts of visually–graphic, simulated violence, creating images that remain seared on the mosaic of their developing minds. Video games have become a childhood drug. In a world where children feel out of control, video games give a rush of power. Entering into a world of violence, children feel the thrill of killing without death. Built up anger, confusion and frustration are vented in manipulating an image on a screen. The image becomes a projection of themselves, a hero figure that can overcome any obstacle. The child escapes into a world to hide from pain and suffering. Suckling from the electronic breast, children drink the milk of violence and destruction.

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It is the truth. I am from the Asia continent. But I watch with sadness on what is happening in America. I guess only a person standing outside can actually see what is happening. May God have mercy on America.
Excellent article, the truth is the light that will shine through the darkness. Today Yahweh
Juan Milliahn
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