New Freedomyou Site Finally!

By: Ron Lagerquist

Our very first Freedomyou logo over 12 years ago.

The FreedomYou site had been in decline over the last three years, and there are a number of reasons for this. Primarily, the site needed to be completely rebuilt around a CMS (Content Management System) system. This dramatically simplifies the process of publishing articles, improves the site’s look and navigation, and will help recover Google listings in what has become a much more competitive market then when I went live eleven years ago. 

Also this was a perfect time to rethink FreedomYou’s brand and focus. Should FreedomYou continue to primarily be a Christian website, or should I try to broaden our demographic to a more secular audience? Should I change the logo? Should I split the content between two or three different sites? Should I focus more on writing about nutrition or spiritual articles? These were hard questions to answer because there is a good argument for both directions. After much prayer and a 25 day fast, (you can read about that fast on new my blog: My 25 day fast) I decided to keep FreedomYou’s strong Christian focus, while updating and increasing the nutrition information. 

We have expanded the articles from around 200 to 330. Most of the new content is under the nutrition section. The information is updated to reflect the most recent nutritional research. This increases FreedomYou’s reach and practicality while still maintaining a strong Christ-centered message. 

Also you will notice my new blog, which I’m quite excited about. I am an obsessive journaler anyway so why not share some of my cathartic goodness with you.  And finally, to the pleasure of my good friend and webmaster Steve, I have capitalized the "Y" in FreedomYou, something I have resisted doing for years. We now have a Feedback component so you can add your own wisdom and input.  And yes, Google Ads, another thing I have resisted doing, but my dream is to do this full time, and one must eat.  

I want to thank everyone who has been so supportive with your encouraging emails. During times of self-doubt and discouragement, I will receive an email from one of my readers, and what seems like endless work, regains its purpose. A big thank you to my friend and webmaster Steve Matheson for all of his hard work. 
Please give me your feedback below on our new site. 

Read On My Blog: The New FreedomYou Site: The Story Behind The Story
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heart Thank you..
Racine Sakho
love this site-plan to read everything here and put it into practice one step at a time.
I grew up fasting, we (apostolic) were taught to fast always but I didn't see the results of fasting until later. I happened upon this site yrs ago and just reading it has soooo blessed me and have shared it with many. Thank you for what you do and may you have continued success
This is my third time water fasting and I find your site and the word of God essential in the process. Thank you for your diligence in providing this resource. I know you will have many crowns to lay at His feet when we see him on the other side.
I have read several of your articles and have enjoyed them all. You seem to have a very good way of saying things. I like the way you write and make everything very understandable (if that is a word). I am glad you stayed with "Christ focused" but the nutritional aspect is very informative. I have just discovered you and will come back often.
Thanks Dad! Now I may be around a little more. Or on to the next project
Ron Lagerquist
My Son it looks like you done a terrific job. Its so encompassing it boggles my mind. I don't have time right now to get into it ( small group) in about 90 minutes. but will spent more time later. dad.
Dave Lagerquist
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