Personality Profile of A Healthy Lifestyle

By: Ron Lagerquist

"You need to think of these changes as an investment strategy. These are not quick fixes; they are a health retirement fund."

A Healthy LifestyleWhen thinking about a healthy lifestyle, before you simply focus in on your diet, step back and see what an overall healthy lifestyle should look like. Think synergy, everything affecting everything. For example, you may increase your intake  of raw food, but lack of sleep will diminish the effects of a healthy diet. And I have found that when overtired I am much more likely to overeat.

 The more of the eight components below that you employ, the better overall health you will enjoy. They all complement each other. It's that simple.

Increase the percentage of raw food 

  • for digestive enzymes
  • rich in bulking fiber
  • promotes weight loss 
  • detoxifying

Eat natural unprocessed food

  • whole grain foods and unrefined oils 
  • learn to read ingredients for additives
  • naturally raised animals

Enjoy what you eat 

  • appetizing food which is pleasing to the eye and taste buds 
  • guilt free when occasionally indulging

Eat when hungry 

  • good weight management
  • overeating taxes the body, stores fat, creates mucus 
  • slow down, chew well to assist digestion
  • feed the body, starve cravings
  • don’t feed depression

Exercise for mental and physical well-being 

  • builds confidence and discipline 
  • cleanses the lymphatic system 
  • increases metabolism for weight management 
  • improves circulation, strengthens lungs and heart 
  • improves appetite
  • allows for the occasional indulgence
  • maintains strong bone density

Fasting for spiritual and physical cleansing 

  • detoxification and cleansing 
  • launching board to dietary change
  • spiritual refreshment
  • breaks addictions

Get good sleep 

  • stress relief
  • strengthens immune system
  • reduces aging
  • repairs tissue 
  • balances hormones

Drink clean water

  • cleanses and detoxifies
  • hydrates skin
  • helps control hunger
  • improves energy

I suggest you copy, print and then paste these seven lifestyle changes on your fridge at eye level. Never mind, I made one for you: You Can Do It.

How alive do you want to be? 

Ask yourself this question, then reread the eight choices you are going to make to radically improve health. You need to think of these changes as an investment strategy. These are not quick fixes; they are a health retirement fund. Trust me when I say, a restored youth, clear mind and radiant health will make it all worth the cost. Then the remarkable happens. You begin to enjoy these new changes. It feels good, feels right. Enough said!

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