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By: Ron Lagerquist

A long time coming, but finally a FreedomYou blog. I’m calling it Raw and Unedited, mainly to save on editing cost, but I’m also excited to share my unfiltered thoughts, undeveloped ideas and beta-feelings with you. And I have tons of them on just about every subject. I’m a prolific journaler anyway but the difference between journaling and blogging is when it’s for public consumption I'm forced to be articulate, which will help define and sort out those unfinished thoughts. Also, I will get the benefit of your feedback. If I have a new idea for an article, book or video, I can put it out there and get your wisdom. 

But I think the greatest benefit of a FreedomYou blog will be accountability. I am going to be honest about my struggles. I will blog during my fast, and if I fail, you will know about it. That will help with that crazy inter-debate on day 21 of a 30 day fast while standing in front of Dairy Queen, and I hope will help you as I share how I won the battle, or lost. At least that’s the plan. So come and join me and let’s journey this road of freedom together.
Raw and Unedited Blog

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