Self Control Test

By: Ron Lagerquist

The following is a list of 20 common signs of compulsive behavior. Behavior that is often rooted in a past of suffering and poor self-esteem. Compare this list with your own life and keep score to see what degree these patterns are present in your own behavior. Be completely honest with yourself, no cheating. Boldly examine your daily patterns of living.


Write down between 0 to 5 what best represents how you feel about each question. Then add up your score at the end of the test.

0 — no problem

1 — slight problem

2 — occasional problem

3 — noticeable problem

4 — major problem

5— chronic problem

Be as accurate as possible, there is no time limit but usually the first reaction is the most accurate. 

There is no passing or failing, this test is simply to help you understand yourself better and to use the information we will provide you here at Freedomyou, so that you may able to walk in freedom, in Christ.


1. Do you binge clean? For example, instead of doing your dishes after every meal you wait until they pile up to the ceiling, with no cutlery left and are finally forced out of necessity to do your dishes?

2. Is your car a mess? Do you allow your car to fill up with garbage until you can’t see the floor?

3. Is reading the bible and prayer a form of damage control? Do you only read the bible and pray when you are struggling or depressed or your life has become in a state of chaos?

4. When you have a bag of peanut butter cookies (or your favorite treat) sitting in your cupboard, you cannot get it out of your mind? Either you throw the bag out in anger or there is nothing left but crumbs and a sore tummy?

5. Do you binge exercise because you are frustrated with your physical shape or condition, but the exercise only lasts for a few days?

6. Do you unconsciously bite your nails, pick your nose, pick your teeth, or have any unconscious behavior patterns in which you wish you never had, but can’t seem to overcome? This is a tough one; you may have to ask someone who is close to you. (My wife was glad to help.)

7. Do you watch TV to escape the blues or depression?

8. Are you driven by your emotions? In other words, do you live differently when you are happy than when you are down? For instance, when you become depressed you become dysfunctional, having a difficult time being productive in whatever you’re doing.

9. Are you a binge spender? You spend money not because of necessity, but because it feels good? Are you able to keep a savings?

10. Do you daydream a lot?

11. Do you make decisions out of fear?

12. If you are faced with a difficult situation, do you constantly roll the problem over in your mind becoming anxious and worrying?

13. Do you find it impossible to lose weight?

14. Are you filled with guilt? For example, after eating a rich meal.

15. Do you have a problem with controlling any form of drugs whether it is alcohol, tobacco, pain killers, or caffeine?

16. Do you have a problem with any form of sexual perversion, whether it is fantasizing, pornography or paging through the Sears catalog?

17. Are you always late? Rushing around, but never being on time?

18. When you do a job, do you clean up after you’re finished, or leave it to another time?

19. Do you start many books but rarely finish them? 

20. Do you leave your dirty underwear or socks behind the bathroom door, or anywhere for that matter? You continue to do so even after your wife has begged you to pick them up?


 The possible range of scoring is between zero, and one hundred. The higher the score, the greater the difficulty with self-control.

For example, if you scored zero, angels have internet, or you didn't get your wife to help you answer the questions. But if you scored in the high seventies and eighties, then God’s greatest desire for you is to set you free! You are why Freedomyou is here. God will work hard to set you free, all He needs is your surrender. So read with a surrendered heart.

Christ said, be filled with the Holy Spirit! This is God’s will for you, and the fruit of the Spirit is self-control, not fear-control, guilt-control, or craving-control.

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I actually scored 75! I knew I had low self dicipline, but this is ridiculous. Dang.
I scored 62. God has nothing to do with it. How about a question worth 100 points: Yes or no, you scored over 50 and you "turned to god" and you still score over 50.
I had a score of 65. I was pretty shocked at my answers. I am bound up I guess. Thank you Ron. I need to begin to remind myself who I am in Christ and take my life back. Thank you.........
Denise Walden
Enjoy information like this.
God directed me here to change my life and answer my prayers for a new life! Thank you and the Lord for this web site! God Is Good!
love this site, it's very inspirational
I am reading this after one more failed diet/excercise attempt and really needed to be reminded to give thanks to God who causes me to ALWAYS triumph. I have been focusing on my failures instead of His promises and who He says I am. Thank you!
Awesome site, I know I didn't find it by coincidence but was led by the Holy Spirit as an answered prayer. Thank you for your help, prayers and encouragement with this ministry.
Excellent outreach and use of God's influence.
August Hunicke
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