Spiritual Warfare Fasting Testimonies

"this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting." 

Matt. 17:21

Seven Day Fast - Answered Prayer 
Chansie Price

“I was discouraged and didn't think I would make it through but God gave me the strength and I prevailed!”

I had been researching Freedomyou for guidance on fasting for relieving stress and establishing peace and strength. My job has really been taking the best of me and I felt I was going down a path of negativity that was ruining my peace. My job underwent some management changes that resulted in a lot of backstabbing and devilish ways. I was beginning to bring a negative attitude home to my husband and child. As I was snapping at my 4 year old daughter, her tears became my wakeup call for change.

I have fasted before with my church for 2 day increments, and one other time for a burden to be lifted. Both times I saw positive tangible results

This time I had thought about fasting for 2 weeks but just kept feeling a strange discouragement. I needed strength and guidance regarding my job. I felt God could not possibly want me to continue in such a negative environment as I was in. Finally I woke up one day with a clear calling to start. At the time, I didn't realize would become a full 7 day juice & water fast. I took time off from work for serious one-on-one time with God and a peaceful retreat. For the first two days I kept asking God how long should I fast. Then on the 3rd day it became clear that I was to go a full seven days. I was discouraged and didn't think I would make it through but God gave me the strength and I prevailed! I had absolutely no hunger pains or temptations. Well, to be honest one temptation and I immediately ran to a room closed the door and opened my Bible. 

It is now been two weeks since my fast. I returned to work yesterday I got the news I had wanted, prayed and fasted for. A request for job releasement had not only been approved but with a good severance package and I have finally been compensated for a medical service related injury. In addition, I have already received a job offer and been contacted for thee interviews next week! God is good, I cannot stop praising Him! I want to climb a mountain and yell this testimony!

Breaking Demonic Strongholds

“Not only did the fast enable the eviction of the demons, but I started to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit within.”

I have been a Christian for less than a year and still deal with a lot of bondage due to a traumatic past which included a long list of foster homes. I had endured abuse and was raped at the age of five. The cruelty turned me cold and resentful causing me to become an abuser. This in turn resulted in a broken marriage, drug addiction, alcoholism, and a depraved sex life. In search of the answer I fell into the hands of cults who used brain washing and hypnotism. Their methods opened the doors for demonic activity.

A friend prayed with me to break the result of this manifestation and bring me to a knowledge of Christ. Their efforts were unsuccessful, after which fasting was suggested. I was told about the power and potency of prayer that can be obtained during a fast.

Not only did the fast enable the eviction of the demons, but I started to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit within me. Exciting and wonderful things started to happen after the third day of the fast. God actually used me to help put a marriage back together. I could feel the Holy Spirit directing me on what I must do and say.

Now I fast regularly to keep my spirit attuned with the Lord.

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This has really open my eyes on how mu situation need to be handled.I have tried so many things and the only thing I have not tried is a fast
Very helpful
Praise God i gave 5 stars for this 👌
It's a very good testimony which can help those who think fasting is not necessary. It encourages me to know that if all else fails prayer & fasting can do wonders if done for the right reasons in guidance of the holy spirit.
I tried fasting the other day but i broke it, not because i couldnt deal with it but i hate saying no t my family i really want to fast im during a fast right now i really someone to pray for me please and thank you.
Just like you wanting for that clear go ahead b/c its easy to self-do and fail. I know its time and Jesus will let me know when.
Imhave been on a 93 day fast---almost always just dinner, occasionally lunch and dinner but no breakfasts. I am expecting revival.
John Burke
Needed testimony. May God bless those who pursue a deeper relationship with Him with fasting and prayer. I almost gave up fasting (into day 4) but I will resolve to see this through with God's strength.
Great, I'm just starting my fast and want to read more about getting deliverance. I have been oppressed for too long now and in bad habbits of watching TV and neglecting worship and prayer. Feel like a lead baloon and want that spring in my step and joyous living back again.
These are such inspiriational stories. I am also encouraged to fast more often.
Great anecdotes! i am encourgaed to fast by reading these.
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