Supernatural Energy During Water Fasting

Fasting Testimony By Kimberly Pettit

“I can't explain how I managed to keep on cleaning, cooking, taking care of the kids, running a Bible study group, while doing a 40 day fast.”

Two years ago, God called me to do a 40 day fast - 20 days of juice fasting followed immediately by a 20 day water fast. Prior to this, I had done several 3-day fasts and one 10 day fast.

When I started, God spoke to me to say that He wanted me to do a 40 day fast and that it was critically important (both spiritually and physically) that I do so. However, I felt lead not announce it publicly or parade it. So I told only those who needed to know, my family and certain friends/prayer partners, that I was fasting. On the inside, I knew what He was calling me to 40 days, but it was an enormous help to not broadcast the full extent of the length of the fast since everyone would have told me I was either completely crazy or a member of some spiritual elite corps.

For the first 20 days I did a juice fast, the first 5 days was really pretty easy. I had enough energy and was enjoying my times of prayer and the feeling of clarity. However, on the 20th day, I felt directed me to start water fasting. I felt God warn me that I would suffer for 3 days but afterward it would get better and to keep going. I am so glad he warned me because days 21 to 23 were physically excruciating. I had blinding headaches and my body continued to expel impacted matter I had stored up in my colon. I could barely get out of bed but clung to His promise that after 3 days it would be better. After 3 days of water, it lifted. The headaches and body aches stopped and, although still weak, I was no longer in pain.

I have a husband, 3 young children, and a home business and a ministry, so I could not put everything on hold to do this 40 day fast. I prayed that God would supply the grace and strength to continue to fulfill my daily responsibilities. A very strong teacher in the Lord told me that if God was calling you to do an extended fast, then He would supply you with the abundant grace to complete it. I found this to be completely true. To to this day, I can't explain in earthly terms how I managed to keep on cleaning, cooking, taking care of the kids, running a Bible study group, planning for the holidays, and taking care of business transactions while doing a 40 day fast. But God was faithful.

I was sad to break the fast on day 40 but I knew it was time to do so. I still don't fully understand all the reasons why God so impressed on me the necessity to do this; but I do believe it literally saved my life. Spiritually, I was in deep need of detoxification and there are some things that can only be removed through prayer and fasting. Physically, I used to suffer from fatigue and always needed to take naps to get through the day and that all changed after this fast.

If God calls you to an extended fast, He is able to abundantly supply all of your needs. For me, the important thing was to keep it low key. People tended to have 1 of 2 reactions: to either think I was a total freak or that I was a super-spiritual giant. I am neither. I was just trying to be obedient to what I knew He wanted me to do. He’s so good!

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Hi God blessings to all his family. I started with fasting on water for 7 days whuch began the 27th February 2018. It was my first time when God had called me to do 21 days but i had to go through the first 7 days and continue with another 7days and another 7 days, this is my second week going for 14 days, however the first days, i only was challenged on the sunday when i started where i felt hungry and sick but the spirit of the Lord helped me through toward completion, I have learned that when God calls you and you let him lead you it becomes so easy because he is in control of the situation TOTALLY.
Sindiswa Gwanya
I am about to embark on a 40 day fast, this was very helpful.
God called me to do a 13 day fast and it's my 1st time fasting! Amazingly he kept me going and I wasn't hungry at all and full of energy! I'm on day 11 and I feel a little weaker but not dying. He gave me so much revelation and he called me to start ministering the word. He told me to day it the last day of my fast. I'm excited and a little scared at the same time but I know he is with me and the holy spirit will work through me.
Tianna P.
I would like to start a 40 day water fast. This will be my first time for doing something like this. Is there anyone out there who would like to join me on this journey?
I really enjoyed reading this & needed to see/read that beautiful testimony. Thank you for sharing it.
Mrs. Smith
Great encouragement. I am a bout to go on a three day water fast to break through some spiritual barriers in my life.
If God calls you to a 40-day fast, do it without hesitation. In a book called The Wilderness Companion, by Glynda Lomax, the author was moved by God to begin a 40-day liquid fast. She didn't know it was going to be 40 days; God just commanded her and she obeyed. Meanwhile, she was moved to a new location and had to continue to fast, facing many troubles during that time. In the end, He told her that it had been essential for her to do such a fast, I think to the point of saving her physical life and her spiritual life from the enemy. I definitely recommend The Wilderness Companion for every Christian; it really will walk you through a wilderness if (or when) God puts you in one.
Lisa Ann
Sounds like you're on your way to becoming a breatharian. You must be a beautiful soul.
I've been fasting on and off since 1971...yes, that makes me OLD. But it's been awhile since I attempted a 40-day fast. I am in the process of overcoming Stage 4 Prostate Cancer, which has metastasized into my spine, pelvis, and who knows where else. Your article is giving me the kind of motivation I really needed to do the Jesus Wilderness Fast.....So, WHY did He have you do the fast? I see you are a Bible Teacher. Well, here's my take on the WHY behind the WHAT. -Watchman Stew I've been exposed to many opinions about HOW the POWER of the Holy Spirit comes into a Christian's life. But I've always believed that Jesus is the ultimate 'pattern' ('model'...'example') in everything that pertains to the Christian life. Well, if that is so, then I have to make a biblical distinction between Jesus getting" 'FILLED' with the Holy Spirit" at His baptism, and Jesus "coming forth in the POWER of the Holy Spirit".....AFTER He defeated His own flesh, AND the Devil, through His 40-Day Fast. In His case, He came forth 'IN-POWER'...IMMEDIATELY after His fast. But many of the benefits of my former fasts have come much later after the fast had been complete. So, the 'work' is complete. And, more than merely a 'spiritual' and 'physical' house-cleaning, I thnk your day of "coming-forth-in-the-power-of-the-Holy-Spirit" is at-hand. I am very curious about this theory of mine, any so far, you are the only one who I know, that is a few steps ahead of me in this level of fasting. So, please keep me posted about any new deveopments in your life....even if it's been a long time since your fast(I saw no date on the article).
David Stewart
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