That Fasting High

Fasting Testimony By Angela Munson

"Clean, pure, healthy, enjoyable, fulfilling without any additives, preservatives, MSG or processed sugars. I knew I would never see food the same again."

I had been wanting to hear from God about some tough things going on in my life. I had only tried a 3 day fast so that's where I started. I drank fresh juice and herbal teas. My original goal was to duplicate the 3 day fast, but on the 3rd day I was on such a high of energy and a spiritual lift that I felt God leading me to a longer fast. Day 4 arrived and I didn't self-destruct without food. Actually I started to dislike the idea of eating and saw food as an annoying distraction. This was an amazing feeling considering that I was once consumed by food, talking about what I was going to eat, asking my friends what they ate, planning lunch etc. Looking back now it’s ridiculous the importance I placed on food.

The 4th day and everything continued with no problems. I was ecstatic as the days flew by. I purchased good quality fruits and veggies and was taken by how beautiful they looked on my cabinet and in the fridge. Beautiful colors, red peppers, red apples, peaches, yellow pineapples, orange yams, celery. A thought struck me that this is how they ate in the Garden of Eden. Up to that moment I had never appreciated the blessings and beauty of fruits and veggies. God revealed to me that the pure unadulterated foods He created was like his relationship with me. Clean, pure, healthy, enjoyable, fulfilling without any additives, preservatives, MSG or processed sugars. I knew I would never see food the same again.

I was plugging right along with the juice fast and on day 11 about 10am or 11am at work I felt this peace and overwhelming presence of joy and release. It was at the point that I felt released from the fast. I didn't feel that way the day before, or even when I woke up first thing in the morning. Jesus is such a gentleman, so sweet and gentle. However I suddenly felt afraid, scared that with the ending of the fast it would somehow end this deepened fellowship. I thought, I'm not ready God.

I gently broke the fast as recommended and am continuing to eat healthy foods. There is no way I could have ever done this 11 day fast without the Lord. I was pliable and moldable in His hands, and as a result he was able to do great things within me internally. It was an incredible spiritual journey that I look forward to doing again. A side benefit was that I lost 12 pound without even trying.

I think what kept me on the path was that I knew I could handle the 3 day fast, was a given. But God had a plan and He used my faith and where I was to catapult me forward to His perfect fast.

Ron Lagerquist 

Every one of us has a handful defining moments that can ether lunch us into a whole new healthy way of living or take us down a self-destructive path. Fasting sets the stage for God to come in and inject one of those glorious moments where from that point on, nothing will be the same. Thanks Angela.

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praise God!
diamond akabuaku
This was absolutely fabulous. A breath of fresh air. Beautiful.
So thankful for your awesome fasting testimony i also have done one for 12 days and now repeating that its been a long time , God bless
Nicky doody
I like this one.
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